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  1. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

  2. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member

    I was about to post that. You beat me to it lol. Interesting read indeed.
  3. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member

  4. xtop

    xtop Well-Known Member

  5. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

  6. That is the best looking phone concept ever. I'll sure cross my fingers
  7. supremekizzle

    supremekizzle Well-Known Member

    I will skeet if that bezel-less phone is the s3!!!!!!!!!
  8. xtop

    xtop Well-Known Member

  9. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member

    Yeah I just read that on another website...forgot which one. I'm excited for this phone. A 4.8 in screen is perfect if its true. This truly needs a global launch. I hope that happens.
  10. xtop

    xtop Well-Known Member

  11. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, even if it's picture of real thing, size comparison can be made only if both picture is on the same zoom scale. But if S3 has small tiny bezel like that, it won't be bigger than Nexus I guess.

    Given that BGR was the only site who got the info on Galaxy Nexus right couple of weeks before the announcement, this is very encouraging rumor. They seem to have some credible sources, although I don't like their pro-Apple stance.
  12. It's not that ridiculous. Assuming there is near zero bezel, then all you would have to do is bring photos of the Nexus and SII into photoshop. Since you know the dimensions of both, you can scale the screen on the SII to have no bezel, and then scale the entire phone until the screen's diagonal is just slightly longer than the Nexus' screen.

    The only real problem is you don't know EXACTLY how much bezel the S3 has, which affects the overall dimensions obviously.
  13. xtop

    xtop Well-Known Member

    we don't know anything about the s3, so to try to draw conclusions from a mock up is crazy and pointless.
  14. They're very specific that it is just a speculative mockup with the given rumors. Obviously we can't draw any "conclusions" until the phone is released, but that doesn't mean we can't make assumptions as to it's dimensions, appearance, and specs.

    Otherwise this S3 forum would be crazy and pointless...
  15. xtop

    xtop Well-Known Member

    crazy rumor time!

    Samsung Galaxy S III full specs: 1.5GHz quad-core, 1080p display, ceramic case

  16. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member

    These rumors are all over now. Those specs looks awesome.
  17. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

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  18. Orion

    Orion Well-Known Member

  19. serpa4

    serpa4 Well-Known Member

    Ultimately, if it isn't VZW, guess I'm SOL.
    Full 1080P, 720P just came out. I don't think so.
    All these rumors just seem to pick the best of everything and put on paper and call it SGSIII.
    What are the chances of this phone having "THE" best of everything?
    highest resolution, best chip, smallest bezel, 2000+mah, etc.
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  20. xtop

    xtop Well-Known Member

    there was a 6.1 inch 2560x1600 screen back in 2010. 1080p isn't that big of a jump. the best of everything? even with all of that it wouldn't be the best of everything. maybe for a month or so :p
  21. zanza

    zanza Well-Known Member

    this would literally put Apple out of business imo
  22. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    As for 1080p full HD screen on it, I am also a bit skeptical as it's way above retina resolution on phone, but wouldn't mind it.

    I'm rather glad that samsung didn't unveil SGSIII at MWC. If it packs the spec like that BGR rumor, it will have no problem blowing away everything from MWC.
  23. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    We're still on page 3? grrr I've read the first half of the first post on this page about 100 times now.

    Surely it will have a 12 megapixel camera? Either way I hope Samsung step up their game with the sensor, as now that the megapixel race that spanned the last 7 years is over (and the core-gighertz one is in full swing - lol), maybe they will give sensors some love.

    This is wide of the mark and obviously won't happen, but remember that Samsung phone from a few years back with 10mpx and Optical Zoom? hehe it'd be amazing if they put in a super slim optical zoom on the S3, given how slim the phone would be and how much room the circuit board takes up, it'd need to have about 5 or 6 'steps' to it (or whatever you call them) but I know optical zoom isn't exactly a priority these days, it's just a boss idea that will probably reemerge on a camera centric Samsung phone.
  24. xtop

    xtop Well-Known Member

  25. IHateMyTreo

    IHateMyTreo Well-Known Member

    BGR now reporting a rumored April roll-out. And Sammy promised global simultaneous release, so maybe this is closer than thought.

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