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  1. adizz131

    adizz131 Well-Known Member

    Sup Nation,
    I am assuming this has been posted in other forums, but I bet there are people like me that only look at the Vivid section of this site.
    But I thought I would post up a link to get the new Google Play app.

    Google have renamed the "Android Market" to "Google Play"
    It has a slightly different UI on the phone, and the Google Play Website has been updated too.

    Here is the UPDATED VERSION link

    The main improvement to the app: under the My Apps menu, you can see Installed and All Apps in a separate tab. This allows you to re-download any app you've previously tried and deleted, or paid for and uninstalled, bringing the functionality more in line with the desktop portal.

    Enjoy people!

  2. adizz131

    adizz131 Well-Known Member

    Updated to v3.5.15

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