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  1. TFroehlich4368

    TFroehlich4368 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone!
    Just wanted to share my latest system mod!
    The system folder where this these original files are located is:
    within the framework-res.apk file I simply resized an icon I got on the internet and changed it to the original file name.

    Check out my screenshot attached! :)

    **Note, when changing any framework files and transferring them to the phone, when you restart the phone it will have wiped your contacts off (so it thinks) and you will just have to reset the wallpaper. As soon as you log back into your gmail account all the contacts come back. :)

    Check out my other post for more info about this process.

    I found the files that light the path green and changed it with an edited superuser icon to show the path! If you want the file name just PM me!

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  2. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

    Why would modding the framework make the system before your contacts have been removed? I've never heard of that on any android build for any device.
  3. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    It only happens if you push frameworks while they are being used

    if they are flashed in cwm or you push them while the phones booting it doesn't happen
  4. themaniac

    themaniac Well-Known Member

    Interesting mood app you had developed here, I didn't know you could do that with framework.
  5. TFroehlich4368

    TFroehlich4368 Well-Known Member

    App? Not an app. Just manually changing the images and resizing and what not. I should look into creating an app to do this for people who don't feel comfortable messing with core system items can just simply put download a pic and have all the hard work done for them!

    I guess creating an app would put my programming classes to use, eh? ha
  6. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

    Must be specific to this device. I've manually pushed frameworks in Android on my Epic. Fc's but only requires a reboot. Nothing gets lost.
  7. TFroehlich4368

    TFroehlich4368 Well-Known Member

    I am just reporting what happened when I did this mod.

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