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  1. Troll_1988

    Troll_1988 Active Member

    Nu11u5, how long you think before thats up?

  2. Troll_1988

    Troll_1988 Active Member

    So when we flash this i know we have to check One Package. So do we leave Reboot, Protect OPS, and Reset time checked?
  3. ikhtiar

    ikhtiar Active Member

    Yes, keep all of it the way it was, and check the one package.
  4. tritran18518

    tritran18518 Well-Known Member

    why don't we have any thread for comparison between 1.6 official rom and 1.6 stock BH_man rom ?
  5. Troll_1988

    Troll_1988 Active Member

    Ok so im getting

    <1> START!!!
    <1> check download environment.
    <1> amss download..
    <1> 1/4 Finished.
    <1> kernel download..
    <1> 2/4 Finished.
    <1> system download..
    <1> 3/4 Finished.
    <1> cache download..
    <1> 4/4 Finished.
    <1> reset pda..
    <0> Started Timer
    <1> Close serial port and wait until rebooting.
    <1> PASS!!!
    <0> Destroy instant..
    <0> Killed timer

    The phone then resets and when it turns back on it shows a phone laying down with a triangle next to it... It stays like that any ideas whats going on?
  6. tritran18518

    tritran18518 Well-Known Member

    it's in recovery mode, i guess. just push the menu button
  7. j0hnh0lmes

    j0hnh0lmes Well-Known Member

    How long do you think it will take for the rooted version?
  8. Nu11u5

    Nu11u5 Well-Known Member Developer


    That will wipe your memory.
  9. Nu11u5

    Nu11u5 Well-Known Member Developer

  10. BurgDog

    BurgDog Well-Known Member

    Will you be updating this when you get the official recovery partition extracted - I assume you need a rooted kernel on a OTA updated phone to get that.
  11. ikhtiar

    ikhtiar Active Member

    I was wondering, were all the dump files different? Like, was mine any worse than anyone elses?
  12. Nu11u5

    Nu11u5 Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes. Since I can't dump the recovery partition without a rooted kernel I can't even see if there have been any changes. If there are any I'll update the release.

    I haven't seen any differences. A single log file was different on the system partition, that's it.
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  13. tritran18518

    tritran18518 Well-Known Member

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  14. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    I assume you'd prefer we all flash the stock 1.5 prior to flashing this? Or is going from a Galaxy 1.6 rom to this rom okay?
  15. DynamitePress

    DynamitePress Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for doing this! Mine is finishing the upgrade right now...can't wait to try it out.
  16. WOlsen

    WOlsen Member

    Flashed this and have not yet received update. Also, I get 0 phone memory and 0 available. I'll see what happens over night. Thanks!
  17. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Man its actually better in my opinion. Touchwiz 2.0 isn't so bad no more lag really. I feel like I got a new phone because it runs so smoothly for me. Much more Snappy. Its enjoyable.
  18. cheenachatze

    cheenachatze Well-Known Member

    I flashed with the 1.6 OEM. So far the phone is working OK. I was surprised that all the apps I installed before were not erased. The phone boots in just under 2 minutes. Deep sleep works. The wifi bug is fixed - the phone goes into deep sleep, but when it wakes up, it reconnects to wifi automatically.
    Thanks to Nu11u5 for the hard work! I hope BH Man will release a version based on this without TW.
  19. sbaek85

    sbaek85 New Member

    My odin keeps on crashing on me when ever i set the t939uvje2-oem-onepackage for one package option. I'm on vista and i open it as administrator.
  20. SnifferSir

    SnifferSir New Member

    Nu11u5 -

    Any caveats going straight from UVIJ6 to UVJE2 via the new ODIN you've provided? Or, is it necessary to step up through UVJA3 first? :confused:
  21. WOlsen

    WOlsen Member

    Memory is still showing 0 for the phone. Any ideas why? Also I have not gotten the update. Boo.

    Also, the Samsung ADB Driver folder would not extract...kept getting an error.
    Error: 0x80004005: Unspecified error
  22. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    I was curious about the same thing. I decided to not test it, so I flashed back to UVJA3 first, and then flashed the 1.6 OEM. Doesn't answer the question, but this is just what I did. ;)
  23. Nu11u5

    Nu11u5 Well-Known Member Developer

    There shouldn't be any problem flashing to this from any other ROM. It will ignore the recovery partition, so if you have a custom one it gets to stay.

    The only thing that you might have to do in some cases is do a factory restore. Your userdata may be incompatible, but there is nothing else you can do about that. You will notice the phone acting very weird if this is the case.

    The boot loader has never been touched since the phone's debut, which is good b/c flashing that gives me the willies. If boot gets fragged you can count on the phone being a brick - no more Download Mode.
  24. drawoh

    drawoh Active Member

    i just flashed the new update and it shows the samsung screen and after a while it disappear for a sec then appears again...its just stuck like that, help please D:
  25. Nu11u5

    Nu11u5 Well-Known Member Developer

    Wait a few minutes to see if it finishes booting.

    If after 5 minutes its not booted, pull the battery and reboot.

    If after another wait its still not booting, restart in Download Mode and flash again. Make sure not to interrupt the flashing process.

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