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  1. CreeperHunter

    CreeperHunter New Member

    I upgraded my pantech crossover to Android 2.3.6. How do I root my phone without downgrading it?

  2. biglando74

    biglando74 New Member

    I'd like to know also...:confused:
  3. incharge1

    incharge1 New Member

    Me too! I tried Gingerbreak 1.2 yesterday. Followed instructions accurately (I believe!) Got to the screen that said it was doing it's thing and that it would take "some minutes" After 25 minutes it had done nothing. Tried again, to be sure...same thing.
    I would love to hear from an "expert" who has actually rooted this phone with 2.3.6.

    Hope to hear some good news.



    Just tried with UnlockRoot v2.3.1
    Really very simple to use, and all went according to plan till....I got the "Fail to get shell root" message. In their help Q&A is the following

    1. Q:It is showing error " FAIL TO GET SHELL ROOT".
    A:The information shows that your phone has failed to root. There is nothing we can do about it

    So that's not a way to root the P8000 with 2.3.6 either!
  4. pawaa

    pawaa New Member

    Your problem is solved and now you can root your 2.3.6 crossover


    Sent from my PantechP8000
  5. incharge1

    incharge1 New Member

    I appreciate your effort pawaa. I will "have a go" to night.

  6. incharge1

    incharge1 New Member

    My sincere thanks to him!

  7. pawaa

    pawaa New Member

    Pleasure is all mine fred...

    Sent from my PantechP8000

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