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  1. sushib

    sushib New Member

    I got the update through Kies last night.

    I made an album on imgur with a few screenshots.

    I feel like it's not optimized very well for a 10 inch tablet, it looks like the phone version on a tablet. With 4.1.1 I didn't have to remove my hand from either side of my tablet (in landscape) to get home/back/see or close recent apps, my thumbs could reach them from the sides. Same for the giant pull down notification bar to turn on wifi, etc. May seem like a first world problem for some but may really bother others.

    Edit: I should also add it did not make my tablet slower, it feels a little smoother not a big difference.

  2. 11290

    11290 Active Member

    Noticed with mine, takes a bit longer to boot into my home screen and screen rotation from landscape to portrait (and back) is slower. Just my $.02 and observations.
  3. matta25

    matta25 Member

    Does your tablet now have multi user option? I did the update and 4.2,.2 does not have this feature. Why not?
  4. ZooCrazie

    ZooCrazie Well-Known Member

    I've tried to see if I've had an update for the past couple nights and keep getting this message......

    Any suggestions?

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  5. matta25

    matta25 Member

    ZooCrazie you have to plug your tablet into your pc and us the samsung kies app to get it. Please let me know if you have multi user feature.
  6. ZooCrazie

    ZooCrazie Well-Known Member

    So i cannot use Kies via Wifi with laptop?
    just to satisfy my curiosity

    I've got my tablet hooked up to my PC right now ....its taking a minute to download everything it i needs i suppose. I will let you know if i end up with the multi-tab option.
  7. ZooCrazie

    ZooCrazie Well-Known Member


    Well i got 4.2.2 installed.

    I don't think i have the multi-user feature.

    maybe you can offer up a little more information about this feature and I can double check again.
  8. BKline2003

    BKline2003 Well-Known Member

    Other threads are saying that the multi-user feature has been removed from this update.
  9. lachiethompson

    lachiethompson New Member

    Since the update (OTA), my Inbox keeps refreshing emails I have already deleted. I haven't changed any settings since the update
  10. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Well-Known Member

    its pretty poor , but do we know its actually for the wifi versuion ?, maybe its a 3g version, but its still pants im just doing a cwm 10.1.3 now 4.2.2 samsung version is horrible

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