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  1. OceanHaze627

    OceanHaze627 Member

    Hi everyone,

    So I finally updated my phone to Gingerbread, but when it was all complete, I noticed that my phone doesn't connect to any cellular network at all. I'm honestly not sure why at all and I was hoping any of you knew? I did have my phone rooted when I was on 2.2 and didn't revert to stock 2.2 before I updated to GB, but do you think that was part of the problem?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    Nevermind got it working lol. I guess I just updated wrong, tried it again and it worked.

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  2. UmiKaede

    UmiKaede New Member

    Hi OceanHaze627,

    I am having a "No Network" problem on my LG OPTIMUS 3D after i updated to Gingerbread. I've searched all the solutions but didnt find any. and i got my hopes up when i heard your post. can u pls tell me how u got ur phone working? people said to wait for the next updates but i couldnt wait for the long. so please please pleas help me.. T_T
  3. SaberJ2X

    SaberJ2X New Member

    if your service provider locks a SIM card IMEI to a calculated ESN hash that IDs your phone/SW/firmware version, then you need to call to call them and explain that you updated your phone... k?

    happened to me, a simple call fixed all that

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