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  1. left4dead

    left4dead Well-Known Member

    Since ICS update (non-rooted), I can no longer watch videos on the stock browser. Getting a message that says "Flash Player is not installed." However I do have FP v11 installed from the Play Store but that message keeps displaying whenever I try viewing a stream (ie Justin.tv).

    Never had this issue previously with GB, just when I updated to ICS.

    Any suggestions?

  2. picord

    picord Well-Known Member

    Enable flash in your browser settings, it is turned off by default

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  3. godzilla932

    godzilla932 Well-Known Member

    I've got the same problem and I'd like to turn on flash player, but where the heck are my browser settings ? I use the stock Google browser
  4. godzilla932

    godzilla932 Well-Known Member

    Ok I found it, thanks to this forums help again.Great place to find help
  5. left4dead

    left4dead Well-Known Member

    I enabled the Flash Player plug-in but video streaming is TERRIBLE on ICS. Super laggy, choppy and constantly freezing. I NEVER had this issue with GB when trying to view Justin.tv.

    I even tried other browsers (Skyfire, Opera, Dolphin, etc) and getting the same issue as well.....again which did not occur with GB previously.

    I have alreasdy done a factory restore/default as soon as ICS was installed on my device.

    I have DISABLED a bunch of stock applications via Settings > Apps > All....but nothing I can think of that relates to video playback or browser compatibility.


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