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Updating apps freezes my phoneSupport

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  1. Yesiamaduck

    Yesiamaduck New Member


    Yesterday I got a notification saying I should update a few of my apps (including Flash, Facebook, Youtube etc. etc.) and as usual I allowed it to. But then something strange happened it started to crash, and now my phone crashes the moment I connect to an internet source (when updating resumes) I've looked but I just can't seem to find a way to cancel these updates! It's infuriating!!! I wan't to be able to use the internet on my phone.

    I got a theory that if I can cancel these updates then only have one done at a time it'll stop this as I do have about 15 apps that are trying to update at once. I do have AVG Running which obviously checks updated apps.

  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    You could try clearing the data/cache in Download Manager, Market and MarketUpdater in Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage application > All.
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  3. Yesiamaduck

    Yesiamaduck New Member

    Done the trick, going to try and update some apps again, hopefully it'll work this time :D Thanks a lot
  4. weemic

    weemic Active Member

    Bigs ups to notebook, what notebook says does work. I have just posted a similar thread. Which i'll close. Cheers!!

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