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  1. KingDrax

    KingDrax Member

    Every so often my phone tells me that there are updates available for my apps.

    So I go to update one of them manually, and once that's completed successfully, I can no longer access the list of updates, so I have to wait until the phone tells me again a couple of days later.

    Is there any way of checking for updates manually on this phone? I have tried some of the methods shown on the forum for other phones like the Motorola Droid but the controls don't seem to match.

    Any ideas, please?

  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    my old Droid would do that say three updates do one and not install or the updates disappear i think its a google market issue. you could try another gmail
    account,clear cache,clear,data,force close or unistall updates and see that way.
    pull the battery while the phones on and reboot. contact google some way and
    tell them the issue
  3. KingDrax

    KingDrax Member

    Another question in a similar vein: how do I get my apps to install to the SD card rather than to the phone's inbuilt memory? I have only a very few apps on my phone and already the memory is showing about half-full.....

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