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  1. Stepintothedark

    Stepintothedark Well-Known Member

    With one app?

    Any clue of an app that will update all those maybe even myspace status, with one app.

    does such an app exist? I've looked around here and the market and see that peep MIGHT update fb, but I can't see a selection for that...

  2. thepinkc

    thepinkc Well-Known Member

    1. Set up an account at ping.fm
    2. Be comfortable enough giving ping your login info for Twitter, MySpace and any other social network you want it to update.
    3. Send your update from the ping.fm site and it will do the rest, broadcasting it out for you.

    They also have a way to email or text your updates. Or look for Pingdroid in the market. It's free.

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