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Updating FascinateSupport

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  1. aznfishyfart

    aznfishyfart Active Member

    So my cousin's fascinate has not been getting over the air updates from Verizon for sometime, i want to say since she got the phone new.

    I was wondering how to update it to a more current firmware without rooting
    and if i do will i have to install each previous one? or if i can do just the newest one without messing up the phone

    Thank You for any help

  2. BDogg718k

    BDogg718k Well-Known Member

    i dont believe that there is a way without rooting it. I dont think they r sending out OTA's for that phone anymore...for a while now actually.
  3. BDogg718k

    BDogg718k Well-Known Member

    EDIT: well there is a way. u need a program called ODIN. it is made by samsung to flash firmware. download ODIN and post back for direction.

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