updating LG vortex passed 2.2.2?

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  1. jc5293

    jc5293 New Member

    is it possible to put maybe jellybean or icecream sandwhich (i think thats 4.2?) on my Lg vortex? froyo is what is on it now. it is rooted.

  2. jgramkow

    jgramkow Member

  3. solidsnake13

    solidsnake13 Well-Known Member

    You may be better served by just upgrading to CM7 (gingerbread) for the stability of your device. I know it is not the latest and greatest, but it will be easier on the phone and definitely more stable than the CM10 beta.
  4. jgramkow

    jgramkow Member

    Couldn't agree more. It will function as your daily device, but the lack of bluetooth, screen not rotating, roaming indicator, all added up to too much for me. I flashed back to the CM7.2. I used the CM9 beta for about 1 month before I changed back.
  5. Jared631

    Jared631 Well-Known Member

    I disagree, sure it may have the issues said above, but I've found that it just runs amazingly faster than CM7.2, which for some needs, is better.

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