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updating motorola xt5 to froyoSupport

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  1. tomonomonous

    tomonomonous New Member

    i have a motorola xt5 which shipped with 2.1, ive looked around and found a rom that may update it, however i havent been able to enter the recovery mode to install update.zip. im not sure of what the key combination is for my device to enter it, does anybody know?

    also do OTA updates work with phones that have been purchased unlocked?

    phone here

  2. tomonomonous

    tomonomonous New Member

  3. ton3

    ton3 New Member

    go to recovery mode ( Press Power Button while holding Vol up Button + Camera Button)
  4. ton3

    ton3 New Member

  5. gsiblini

    gsiblini New Member

    Where we can obtain this rom ? thanks
  6. Amanxs

    Amanxs Member

    I have succesfully update to froyo using CyanogenMod 6.1.1 and running normally except radio
  7. tomonomonous

    tomonomonous New Member

    got any details i should know before trying this?
  8. Kayak Man

    Kayak Man New Member

    More info would be helpful. Just got mine yesterday and want to update before i start loading apps on it.
  9. ton3

    ton3 New Member

    go here if you wanna update your xt5 as it is a z71 variant. ive updated my XT5 fone with this and am running froyo 2.2 at the moment.... just follow the instructions on the page its working fine only drawback is the battery life when you enable 3g or wifi...by the way i installed rom ontop of sinclair rom which comes with the phone from factory..you should be right if you follow instructions provided on web site...good luck....Boston Mania: [Rom 2.2] Cyanogen MOD 6.1.1 for Z71 - Final Version
  10. jadoein

    jadoein New Member

    does this rom increases the ram or cpu speed??
  11. pamfu

    pamfu New Member

    I updated my XT502 to Froyo using the Cyanogen Mod ROM Build mentioned by ton3. The battery went from 100% to 23% flat in just about 6 hours of IDLING (I fully charged the phone, left it to idle, and went off to sleep). I reverted back to the stock ROM, and now, battery performance is normal.

    So, I would advise against using this particular ROM - I'm not such an expert as to find out the reason for the battery drain, so I can't comment further.
  12. sashi44

    sashi44 New Member

    I updated my XT502 to Froyo using the Cyanogen Mod ROM 7 Build 245. When i selected "reboot system now" after the listed process my phones is stuck at the motorola logo and doesn't go any further. can someone kindly help me out this problem

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