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  1. irieone

    irieone Well-Known Member

    Blue and red arrows in left corner are bugging me, they come on every 30 sec or so. I looked it up and I think it means there is a update. But when I try it said no update . A little help please

  2. Waldys

    Waldys Well-Known Member

    Hmmm.... Looks like Google Services Framework is acting up.....

    Go into Settings then Applications the Applications Manager

    You'll see 4 tabs in the top of the screen, tap on the one that says "All"

    You'll see all the apps in the Note. Scroll down to "Google Services Framework" (they are in alphabetical order so just zoom down to the Gs)

    Tap on "CLEAR DATA" and then tap the home button.

    Turn the unit off and then on and try updating again.
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