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Updating my phoneSupport

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  1. orton131

    orton131 Member

    Hi guys, My phone is currently on android 2.1 but I would like to update it to android 4.2 (jellybean) how do I do it? I am awesome with computers... this not so much, haha. Cheers guys, Dan

  2. HaN6787

    HaN6787 Well-Known Member

  3. orton131

    orton131 Member

    Thanks very much for the reply & the links. I was under the impression upgrading a phones OS was like a computer & you could just update to the latest no matter the device?
  4. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    these are custom ROMs. in this case, each custom ROM is customized for a particular device so you will need to look for the specific ROM for your X8 like the links given above.

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