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  1. bigwiliestyle

    bigwiliestyle Member

    hi, dose anyone have the same problem i have?

    ive been trying to update my note (gt-n7000) and from september as i heard about 4.1, went i try OTA, my phone now says, ''failed to update due to network or server problems. try software update via settings>software update> update, or try using pc kies later'' before it used to say, '' upto date''

    dose anyone no why this has change?


  2. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried updating the phone when conected to a wifi network??
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  3. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    The 4.1 update is not yet available as far as I know. When it does become available, you'd be better off updating via Kies instead of OTA.
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  4. bigwiliestyle

    bigwiliestyle Member

    thanks for replys. i have tryed from wifi, says same thing. when i conect it to kies and search for a updat it says 'GT-N7000' does not support initailization' :mad:
  5. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    That's because no update is available. When you connect to Kies, it automatically searches for firmware updates for you. On the main Kies page it will tell you what the latest firmware is for your phone.

    JellyBean is due at some point this month if sources are to be believed, as soon as it is, these forums will be full of information to that effect. However, the coming Jb update is only for the international carrier unlocked version of the Note.

    If you Note is carrier locked, then it could take months for your carrier to release the update.
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  6. bigwiliestyle

    bigwiliestyle Member

    my currant firmware is: PDA:LRK / PHONE:LRK / CSCLP5 (XEU).

    so how do i no if my carriers is locked or not?

    many thanks
  7. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    If you can use any carriers sim card in your phone then it is unlocked.

    You have the same firmware as I do and at this present moment in time, that is indeed the latest official firmware.
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  8. bigwiliestyle

    bigwiliestyle Member

    you have been very helpful thanz :)

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