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  1. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    First time user here just got the HTC One X. Its currently running 1.73.
    I recently got an "update available" alert and when i tried updating, it says that its an important security update and i need to plug my phone into my computer.

    What connect to pc option do i need to use to update? Because when i connect my phone using the usb cable, its still asking me to do the same thing and connect to pc. Are they asking me to download the update to pc and transfer it? Are they asking me to use the internet pass-through (which i cant get to work). I dont have an internet network at home so i pretty much need to use the 4g on my phone to upgrade. Is this not possible?

    BTW i just got the notification for a new update yesterday evening.


  2. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    umm, ok.. i changed the date ahead to get the check for update feature to start working again so i could try the update again. My date is already almost 2 months in the future because i have to change it everytime just for the update attempt to run.

    Anyhow, I tried again and now its telilng me my software is up to date and will change a day later again. How is this possible??? and when i check my software version its still 1.73..

    i've never had sucha hard time upgrading software. I wonder if its android in general or the HTC. May have to switch to galaxy if its indeed just an htc issue. Cant imagine a company big as android itself being teh issue.
  3. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    LOL. I just changed to date to 1 day ahead, and now its telling me new software is available and will be downloaded... but once again its giving me the same "hook up to computer" message.
  4. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    It's a big update that sorts out the battery issues etc, you need it so you're gonna have to use someone elses computer as you can't do it over the air (using your 3g.)

    Install HTC Sync on the computer you use, hook the phone up and wait for it to install the phone drivers, unhook then reattach the phone and press HTC sync manager on your phone... easy as that!

    I notice you say your phone has 4g so I'm guessing you have the dual core USA version? Here in the UK ours is 3g with quad core tegra 3 so the firmware update was needed to get more battery life but it also improved the camera, radio and problems some people were having with flickering screen so a pretty important update.
  5. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hey, I moved this to the HTC One X/XL forum. Thanks for understanding.
  6. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    Hey Wilkas,

    Thanks for the reply! Ok, i wasnt 100% sure why or what the reason for connecting to the computer was, since i thought updates were done OTA for androids. I will try exactly what you said and report back. Im downloading htc sync right now.

    Yes, mines the US dual core version. I hope it better the battery life on my version too :) even though it probably wont. Did you update already? Did you notice major differences in camera and radio (im assuming your talking about the antenna)? I've noticed in some areas my reception jumps up and down pretty frequently when barely moving.
  7. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    One quick question. Will this update get rid of all my customizations and restore to defaults?? Im know it wont delete any personal files/pics/music, etc.. But will i have to set my settings for everything all over?
  8. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    Tbh the first day I got my phone I thought it was a dud, 3hrs I got out of the battery and I wasn't impressed... second day it got a firmware update which drastically changed the battery life. Got 24hrs out of it but I haven't had any other problems, found the camera to be great and don't use the radio.

    Had another firmware update since then and my battery life seemed to improve again although this could be my use of the phone has settled down a bit, I'm pretty sure you will see battery benefits off this update though. I never had the flickering problem but people who have reported that within a week of installing this update it put everything right. You wont lose any files or anything, it'll just do the update then restart the phone.. if this is the first update you may get prompted to put the second one on straight after but don't worry, you wont lose any personal stuff like pics etc.
  9. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    Thanks man you've been alot of help. Its frustrating because i dont have a pc/wifi at home to do this (yes i know, its 2012). Can this update be done through wifi, or does it HAVE TO BE hooked up to PC? I'm thinking maybe i can just go to a bookstore or even mcdonalds has free wifi now.

    Anybody know if major software updates require usb connection to computer or just WIFI at a minimum? I understand now mobile data connection alone wont work though.

  10. Digital Legend

    Digital Legend Well-Known Member

    I had major problems trying to get the software update to install. I tried numerous times to set clock ahead and re-download the software, I tried using Checkin reset, & I was about to use HTC Sync to install the update but read on the software install instructions "warning back up your phone as using HTC sync instead of OTA for software update/install will revert your phone to factory state."
    I finally bit the bullet went into settings and reset the phone to factory & it right away downloaded the update AND FINALLY INSTALLED IT!
    Chances are pretty likely you are going to have to do the same, at least you have only had the phone a short while & can likely remember all the personalization tweaks you have had to do......
    you are going to need WIFI for the OTA install.
  11. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    It's worth a try, I'm trying to think if I'm actually getting confused with my partners phone (WP7) which has to be connected to Zune, you may actually be able to do it over wifi, give it a shot and if not then you know you're gonna have to ask one of your mates if you can use their laptop for 10mins :D
  12. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    Ok, i went to a wifi hotspot and after numerous attempts and changing my date into the future, i was finally able to update!! No settings changed right after the download and install completed. But all of a sudden, I noticed sometime after i manually rebooted the phone, my ringtone and notifications tone changed, along with a couple other minor personal settings, no big deal. T
    The text message bubble size changed (medium font was smaller than standard) which i actually liked more. Then i checked again this morning, and the medium font was back to its normal font size.

    I was very excited about this update that i went through great lengths to get it done nomatter how much of a hassle it was for me.

    But unfortunately this has turned my phone into a mess. Those things listed above doesnt bother, but now my scrolling in general isnt as smooth. whether its webpages or my home widgets, it just has a "tiny" bit of "jitter" to it. Not horrible lag, but just not perfect as it was prior to the update.

    Also, now im getting the screen flickering also. When i open some apps, the ad banners flicker randomly. And when im browsing websites, the screen flickers. Once, i opened Gmail and half of the application was blue and flickered for a couple seconds. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE the update.

    I havent tested the wifi.. I never had issues with it before but now im worried its probably gonna have issues.

    The battery life is noticeably shorter. Prior to the update, after a full charge, the battery would stay "full" for a couple hours with minimal usage (most of those minutes in those 2 hours are spent driving in traffice so i hardly touch the phone for the most part). But this morning it went down 2 notches in 2 hours and my daily routine usage didnt change much.

    The software version is 1.85 and im probably just gonna ditch this phone for the new Galaxy. And if the Galaxy is having the same issues which would point to Android as the main issue, well then my time here as a member will be cut extremely short... :(

    I really love this phone overall, but these issues are unacceptable for a phone which is supposed to be the best of the best that android has to offer. Hopefully by some miracle these issues stop and i can keep this phone though.
  13. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    Umm, now im getting scrolling command prompt texts on the top right corner with little red and green squares that looks like a progress bar.. wtf this is ridiculous~!!! What is going on with this phone??
  14. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    You've got a dud phone there, I've never had a single problem except bad battery before the first update.. you shouldn't have to change date and the phone should not change settings on its own.. definitely gonna have to take it back for a new handset.
  15. Wilkas

    Wilkas Well-Known Member

    Just had a look at my software version and it's 1.29.401.11

    I'm finding it really strange that the US version of the phone seems to be inferior to the Europe version, all because it has 4G.
  16. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    Well, the funny thing is, before the update my phone was almost perfect But you know how it goes when a new firmware comes out.. most people including myself are dying to get it installed Especially if you're not the type to root phones. ATT should roll this firmware back or come out with a new firmware quick.

    Battery life was excellent before update? check
    OS ran butter smooth before update? check

    Should've kept my phone the way it was. But by the way 4g lte is UNBELIEVABLY FAST. And coverage is excellent in my area so thats one of the most important features to me. And battery was perfectly fine running 4G LTE before my update.

    I think im gonna do a hard reset and start all over and see what happens. Maybe i downloaded something thats causing these issues. This will be my last attempt to restore my faith in this phone LOL. Or else like you said Wilkas, im throwin this out

    Thanks. Will keep everyone posted.
  17. nseriessaga

    nseriessaga Well-Known Member

    YES!!! I agree with you 100% that i shouldnt have to do any of this !

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