Updating Telus HTC Desire to 2.2

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  1. rmk70

    rmk70 New Member

  2. Androidin'

    Androidin' Active Member

  3. rmk70

    rmk70 New Member

    Thanks. Will this root the phone as well?
  4. Androidin'

    Androidin' Active Member

    Nope, just give it the stock HTC branding and menu's
  5. LOGIK

    LOGIK Member

    Do you know when Telus will push android 2.2?

    BTW, Hi i just got my Desire yesterday from Telus for only 5$! Very happy of my choice for now. :)
  6. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Wow did you do some kissing up for $5? Wish I had done that. And no idea about the Telus update, I'm waiting on the Telus OTA update myself but knowing Telus well, they're really slow on OS updates (their Blackberry OS5 release proved that). I'd be surprised if the Desire got it at the end of Sept, I read a forum post somewhere from a Telus rep that sometimes this fall.
  7. legend618

    legend618 Member

    where can i get a step by step for the SLCD telus htc? i understand their is a different process when it comes to upgrading to froyo
  8. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    As Androidin said, follow the instructions EXACTLY as posted in this thread and you won't have any problems:


    It includes drivers for both AMOLED and S-LCD screens. I used it to flash my Telus Desire with S-LCD screen and it works great!
  9. neuromage

    neuromage Member

    Is it possible to flash back to a stock telus after doing this? Just in case one needs to make a warranty claim. I've noticed there's a bunch of stock carrier RUUs out there, but no Telus. Is it possible to make my own ROM image of the current stock telus firmware?
  10. teppic74

    teppic74 Well-Known Member

    I don't think there are any Telus RUUs and you cannot make a stock ROM yourself. HTC is very unlikely to care as long as an official unmodified ROM is installed, but you should probably check with Telus if they'll honour a warranty if the phone has official but unbranded software installed.
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  11. neuromage

    neuromage Member

    Many thanks for the info teppic! :)
  12. tagme

    tagme Member

    Telus will not honour the waranty if the phone is rooted... The official update is due in october for telus... I think it's worth the wait. :cool:
  13. RandomSanity

    RandomSanity Well-Known Member

    I was told to expect the update in late November :mad: Isn't Gingerbread supposed to release around then? We will be out of date already by the time we receive this update OTA.
  14. teppic74

    teppic74 Well-Known Member

    I said an official unmodified release, not a rooted release... The manufacturer's warranty is almost certainly still intact if you flash an official ROM, but Telus might argue.
  15. neuromage

    neuromage Member

    So they say. There's no official word on when the update will be released by Telus. I've heard varying reports about it being released in sept/oct/nov and even Q1 of 2011! Thing is, there's very little branding by telus anyway, and it should be easy for them to roll out an update, but from past experience with telus, I wouldn't count on them doing this anytime soon. Also, as teppic pointed out, this is not rooting the phone. We're installing official HTC sanctioned software, so there really should not be a valid reason for them to not honour the warranty (or so I hope!). Also, this makes more sense in the long term as well, being able to update to the latest HTC version of android, as opposed to waiting months for the carrier to roll out their version.
  16. MDesire2010

    MDesire2010 Well-Known Member

    I've spoken with multiple Telus Reps saying the Warranty "will" be voided if you Root your phone. It was funny as the one I talked too was rooting his own HTC Hero to 2.2 as he was still on 1.5 or 1.6 haha.
  17. dlefebvre1976

    dlefebvre1976 New Member

    HELP !!

    I tried to update my telus desire to 2.2 ..

    in the middle of the install it stopped recognizing the usb connection .. i cannot re-run the RUU now .. get an error message

    can i easily revert back to my stock OS ???

    I made a gold card but still hae my previos SD Card ..
  18. 0orickyo0

    0orickyo0 Active Member

    What error message are you getting?
  19. LOGIK

    LOGIK Member

    Select your province | TELUS Mobility

    • HTC Desire upgrade to Android 2.2 coming in October

    • Portable Wi-Fi hotspot capability
    • Improved browser performance
    • Apps storage to your memory card
  20. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    Why do people keep saying "root" when we're talking about the official HTC firmware?? Flashing this firmware does NOT root the phone, I repeat, it DOES NOT root the phone.

    Let me stress that one more time, it DOES NOT root the phone!!

    Did I mention it doesn't root the phone?
  21. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    That's great...but it might still have restrictions, like removing tethering, 2G/EDGE data, or others. If you don't mind waiting and you're on Telus, then it might be fine to see what they release. But I'd rather have a generic version that has nothing added/removed.
    On another note, did you see this on the website:

    "Important notice: Due to paperless billing’s popularity, we’re delaying the $2/mo. paper bill charge until further notice so more clients can switch."

    What a crock...spin doctors at work there making it sound like paperless billing is a great thing and it's so popular that they can't keep up with the switch. Hahaha...
  22. max63094

    max63094 Well-Known Member

    Well Telus HTC Desire 2.2 is out and working
  23. MDesire2010

    MDesire2010 Well-Known Member

    It sure is! Awesomely!!

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