updating the droid

  1. svizoman

    svizoman Member

    I searched the youtube for video demonstration of upgrading droid firmware but didn't found usefull info. Everyone suggested to do it via Kies, in my case it was impossible since Kies does not work. I then upgrade it through phone settings, card, upgrade (or however is that labeled in EN).
    Don't know if that hovever was firmware upgrade since previous version of android was 2.3.6 and after upgrade it is stil 2.3.6. Also the number one line bellow stayed the same

    And durring the upgrade process I experienced more problems as the process indication stoped at 86% and after 10 min if was still at 86%. I then turned the phone off and on and installation started again only this time it stopped at 42%.
    I then left the phone alone (thought I will need to take it to the repair shop) and after half an hour, when I returned the phone was waiting for me to insert PIN number.
    I am begining to think that Samsung phones (or droids in general) are mission in the progress. They have so many flaws that in my opinion it shouldn't be released to the public.

  2. ExtremeNerd

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    You're rant is invalid because you are attempting to try something that you have no business doing. The sale of 30 million Galaxy S 3 means that the public like it, and can figure out what is going on.

    Let's start over. What do you need help with? What phone do you have? What exactly are you trying to update?

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