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Updating to ICS issues with Kies :(Support

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  1. Liamalone

    Liamalone Well-Known Member

    Ello :)

    I've finally been given permission by the Mrs to update her phone from GB 2.3.5. As it isn't my own handset I don't want to root or that and thought it should be fairly easy because of Kies, however .....

    Kies fires up the following ''your device's firmware version is not supported to update firmware via Kies'' :( So much for the easy way!

    Having searched the forum for the issue I couldn't find a reason for this error, the phone in question has never been tampered with so to speak. What's up? Any way of fixing Kies?

    Phone info:
    PDA: I9100XWKJ1
    PHONE: I9100XXKI4
    CSC: I9100O2UKJ1

    Having Rooted my old Desire and my current One X I'm familar a bit with flashing and the like but after delving into ways of sorting this through flashing my head hurts lol, so much info to digest = confused :(

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    See post #1, here for details of why you may be receiving that message and how to update without using Kies..
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  3. Liamalone

    Liamalone Well-Known Member

    Thanks for replying :)

    That chap's Kies guide doesn't seem to clarify why I'm getting this message on Kies, doesn't really mention it tbh. It seems to be more for folk who can't connect to Kies.

    As for doing it with out Kies, is that by chasing down the correct ICS on Sam's site and using Odin? If so, does this affect warranty? Does it +1 on this ROM counter I'm seeing mentioned?

    As for JB, am I able to flash the 4.1.2 UK one available on Sam's place - I9305O2UBMA1?

    Many thanks chap, tis appreciated :)

    edit: think I'm going to flash 2.3.5 from Sam again using Odin as some other dude did this and Kies worked thereafter, worth a punt.
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Very quickly as I'm off out...

    That, "chap", is me!

    Yes. Latest stock, UK, O2, Android 4.0.3 firmware is here.

    Will not affect flash counter.

    The JB will void your warranty as it has only been released for Spain and China.
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  5. Liamalone

    Liamalone Well-Known Member

    lol apologies 'chap', missed that bit about Kies as there has never been anything done to the phone, it's never been out of her sight so when I saw the 'rooted/unlocked' section title I went on past :(

    As for the rest, I think I'm sorted for flashing the 2.3.5 Stock as a starter and have 4.0.3 already downloaded as a further step if required. I was just being nosey about JB, warranty voiding not wanted.

    Many thanks again especially as You were heading out - I would've stalled until I got that stuff clarified so cheers :)
  6. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about that, ironass enjoys the attention. Happy flashing:)
  7. Liamalone

    Liamalone Well-Known Member

    lol good stuff, he got me sorted anyways! Jumped straight to GB and it all went flawlessly :)

  8. ajmount88

    ajmount88 Well-Known Member

    Also worth pointing out that this JB firmware is for the I9305 (Galaxy S3), not the I9100 (Galaxy S2), which you appear to have from the firmware code in your original post. Make sure you check this on any other firmware you flash with Odin
  9. JR866Gooner

    JR866Gooner Well-Known Member

    The JB will void your warranty as it has only been released for Spain and China.[/QUOTE]

    So with me flashing the LS8 release it will have voided warranty etc and id be seen as a bad boy! but now i have gone back to 404 UK am i back in the "safe zone" ? :confused:

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