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  1. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Preware has changed. The OC kernels are now in the beta feeds and the alpha feeds probably aren't needed for anyone but developers. Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals

    I'm not going to get into how to install the webOS SDK. That's covered pretty good by the tweaking threads I have in the stickies. Maybe I'll update this later with that info.

    Assumption: you already have the SDK installed and want to install/update Preware. :D

    • Uninstall Preware.
    • Plug your TP into your computer's USB port. Do NOT enable USB mode.
    • Open webOSQuickInstall.jar file you downloaded previously.
    • If webOS Quick Install can't see your TP you may need to turn on Developer mode. If you don't have an icon for that, you can turn it on, just tap on the "just type" box on your touchpad and type:
    • Click "Tools" menu at the top and select Linux CommandLine
    • Copy and paste (right-click... paste... press enter) in the command window from Testing feeds website
    • Close your command window.
    • Click the globe icon on the right in webOS Quick Install.
    • Click the Applications tab on the top, and search for Preware. Install 1.8.3 (or greater)
    • Close Quick Install
    • Eject your webOS device (Safely remove HW/Eject media by clock in Windows).

    Now, open Preware and tap the top left menu and select "manage feeds". Turn on all feeds that interest you.

    You're done. :D

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  2. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Well-Known Member

    What benefit is there to updating preware?
  3. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    That's the only way to getting versions of kernels newer than last week. :D

    If what you have is working, then no big deal.

    ex: I'm running the F4 kernel and a new version comes out without the junk scrolling on the screen at startup and I want it. I'd have to be on the new Preware to get it, o/w I'm stuck with this old F4 until Android comes out. :D

    The same goes for new patches or anything else that's in the testing feeds.

    EDIT: hmmm, I see a new version of F4 came out yesterday. :D
  4. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Well-Known Member

    Ahh I see. I've switched kernels because I didn't like the stuff scrolling on startup. Thanks for the info.
  5. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Been there. :D My wife's TP has the kernel w/o the junk.

    Since the kernels have moved to the beta group, I'm hoping they'll get rid of that debug garbage scrolling on the screen.

    There's also a bunch of theme patches that can be enabled. Prethemer has about 2117 items.

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