Upgrade Android 2.1 (Eclair) to 2.2 (Froyo) on your Samsung GT I5800 in 7 EASY steps!Tips

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  1. Amitprsingh

    Amitprsingh Member

    Here's an easy and in-depth way to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy I5800L, running 2.1 Eclair to Froyo 2.2. Sadly at this time Samsung hasn't officially made Froyo available for the I5800, but luckily we can do it ourselves!

    No rooting needed.

    What you will need:
    Get the ODIN & OPS file Here

    To backup your phone information if you encounter problems when doing this upgrade:
    KIES Software(comes with your phone). Or you can download it from Samsung's website here.
    (If you Encountered major problems and need to downgrade back to Eclair Here's how)

    Ensure your battery is fully charge.
    Now, factory reset your phone: *#*#7780#*#*
    Or go into Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset.

    Here's a helpful tip/step that most other tutorials don't tell you.
    Remove your SIM and SD(if you have one) card from the phone. This may save you some complications.
    It will avoid any hangups or stalls, like I've experienced, almost leaving me helpless.

    Right, now let's get to actually installing Froyo.

    First check your firmware *#1234#, write it down, store it on you computer, in case you need to restore later.

    Load up "ODIN Multi-Downloader" (I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.252.exe). If you're on Win7, a popup "IMAGE PATH [chinese writing]" keeps opening. It's annoying, but it shouldn't do anything to your install. Just keep clicking OK.

    1. Select "One Package", "Auto Reboot", "Protect OPS" alone. (again Win7 users, ignore the annoying popup)

    2. Select the OPS file you downloaded. Click the "OPS" button. Select file "apollo_0531.ops".

    3. Now go to the bottom option "Select Integrate Package..." and select the 2.2 Froyo (.tar) file your downloaded. It should be one file.
    With the "One Package" button, select your .tar file.


    4. Here's the tricky part, that's not so tricky. Switch off your phone (hold the power button "Power OFF"). Remove the battery, so it doesn't boot up automatically. Then hold the "Home + Volume Up + Power" buttons simultaneously.
    Until the screen shows the android icon with probably the "Force Upload by Button Pressing" words.
    (If those combination buttons don't work, try "Volume Down" or "Volume Up + Down" instead).


    5. When the "Force Upload" screen appears, like the image above, connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable provided and let windows detect the drivers for the phone and install them automatically.

    6. Once the drivers are loaded, and the phone is detected by ODIN as shown, click start. The phone will load data from the ODIN application you supplied and reboot itself, until you see the Home Screen load successfully. It takes a while(5-8mins), but way shorter than say loading a Windows OS.
    Do not uplug the device until you see the Home Screen and have successfully unlocked the phone.

    If you phone hangs, or stalls, you should resort another 2.2 firmware, or downgrade.

    7. Enjoy your semi-new phone! It feels new and refreshing to have an updated firmware for your phone. Especially since it's free!

    Here are some Key new Features in Froyo
    • Colorful menu/settings interface.
    • You can Install apps to the SD CARD (most, not all).
    • And the ability to play FLASH content Natively (websites, flash native games, online videos etc.).
    • General Performance boost in processor, supposedly Better Battery life and Ram management.

    Please leave comments below!

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  2. ffcloud2000

    ffcloud2000 Member

    I dont know if it matters exactly but i heard its best to turn usb debugging on before the flashing but i could be mistaken
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  3. macalino22

    macalino22 Member

    froyo will be released on the end of january,it is said by samsung singapore...
  4. Craig12

    Craig12 Well-Known Member

    Do you reccomennd waiting for the samsung version or doing this one?
  5. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure even if you flash this version you can still get the updated version come april. You'd have to reinstall the original firmware, which you can find on samfirmware.com
  6. Amitprsingh

    Amitprsingh Member

    I recommend waiting for Samsung to officially release it.:D
    You can run into unwanted problems, if you're unfamiliar with the procedure. And I think Updating it from Samsung is far easier.
    Let's hope they really officially launch it!
  7. Eradication

    Eradication New Member

    I cant seems to open kies. The moment i click it, it juz says "Kies has stopped working".
    I'm using vista 32bit, anyone can help me out?
  8. foobar66

    foobar66 Active Member

    OK, I used the above procedure successfully upgrading from I5800XWJG6 to I5800XXJK1 (this is still Eclair) and it worked.

    However, what I did, before flashing the .tar file, I installed 7zip. Then opened the .tar file with 7zip and removed boot.bin and sbl.bin from the tar file. I read this on:
    [READ FIRST] Roll-up Thread about Rooting and Flashing - xda-developers

    For upgrade to Froyo ... hmm ... I am a little bit scared to brick the phone ;-)
  9. foobar66

    foobar66 Active Member

    So, at the end, I decided to upgrade to Froyo. following the same procedure: I took out boot.bin and Sbl.bin from the .tar file and then flashed.

    Phone started ... and worked. To my surprise, everything was was working OK: wifi, bluetooth, sms, calling, gps, ... I checked our all my apps and all were working (except a proprietary app from phone provider Proximus in Belgium which crashed on a Java exception).

    I played with it for 2 hrs or so and then it suddenly froze completely. No keys, no screen and logcat no longer moving (I kept it connected to the PC with the logcat on to see what it was doing).

    Took the battery out, restarted and all was OK again ... for 2 hrs or so. Then it completely froze again with same symptoms.

    So, finally I decided to downgrade to Eclair again (XXJK1). I will just wait for the official Samsung release.

    That was my experience with Froyo so far on the phone.
  10. hai friends . last week i bought samsung galaxy 5801 .i have installed 20 applications from the market and i was shocked that i am out of memory. i tried to move application of install to sd card,but i am unable to do so.
    is there any one who can really suggest what to do ?what to do?
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help in this regard.
  11. EgaSega

    EgaSega New Member

    i guess ill wait for offical release, hoping that samsung releases the best version with the best prefformance, but anyone knows when they are going to release it? hope they dont delay too much, and
    you cant, you will be able when you will update the device to 2.2, there are some pograms that that gives such option but ive heard that they dont work on 100% and have some issues, dont rememmber any also.
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  12. foobar66

    foobar66 Active Member

    Well, after my Froyo experience (see some posts above), I decided to flash JPF ... and now my phone has been working continuously for 24h. No more complete freezes.
  13. glisignoli

    glisignoli New Member

    Just tried this on a Vodafone NZ GT I5800. Sadly this didn't provide 3g (or any) data connection except wifi. Everything else works great though!

    Edit: I'm a noob. Didn't set the apn settings. Fixed now.
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  14. haree

    haree Active Member

    its up to u yes i have a 3 month old Galaxy 3 and i have flashed many roms on my phone presently im using
    this : XXJPF stock ROM with FlyingAnimation & LiveWallpapers - xda-developers
    im very happy i did not lose my imie (yes a few did say they did)
    and im really loving this rom :Dso if u wana try it go a head
    but yes the risks is always their:D

    i have downloaded the original for my phone from sanfirmware for warranty reasons so u can do it too:D

    hope this helps:D
  15. kannanmdu

    kannanmdu Member

    Hi All

    I have upgraded as detailed in this tutorial and I have my phone with FROYO

    But after that i have a strange problem, The default music player plays only in the earpiece and not the speaker

    I dont know is it due to OS upgrade or i am missing some setting??:(

    But otherwise the upgrade is ok till now


  16. Kiwiuser

    Kiwiuser New Member

    My upgrade work flawlessly. A great improvement.


    Opps. Apart from no 3G.

    How working flawlessly with Vodafone NZ APN.
  17. jbeyz

    jbeyz Member

    Hi! I am completely new and still need to learn everything.

    I have followed step-by-step this procedure, but I seem not to have the "2.2 Froyo (.tar)"-file??? How and where do you download this from?

    I do have two .rar-files: (I5800XXJPF.rar and I5800XXJPB.rar). Need i to use these instead? And how do I need to configure it in the I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader.

    I hope my question makes sense and somebody can give me a response?

    thanks a lot in advance!
    Johan / Belgium
  18. bjlabuk

    bjlabuk Well-Known Member


    You need to extract the .rar file you have downloaded (I use 'Free RAR Extract frog' or 'IzArc'). The extraction process should automatically creat a folder 'I5800XXJPF' or 'I5800XXJPB' or similar, etc) Within that folder you will will find the .tar file (it won't be called Froyo, it will be called I5800XXJPF.tar etc).

    At stage 3 in the instructions put in the correct path to the .tar file.

    Then complete the rest of the procedure.

    Hope that helps.
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  19. jbeyz

    jbeyz Member

    Hello bjlabuk,

    thanks for your reply!
    I have been able to extract the .rar-files.
    - I5800XXJPB.rar resulted perfectly in a folder containing the .tar file
    - I5800XXJPF.rar however resulted in a folder containing 4 files of format .tar.md5 --> not sure what to do?

    So, I tried my luck using I5800XXJPB.tar (assuming it is not the very latest version and JBF is the most recent version?).

    Now I ran into a new problem:
    when I tried to run the "I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.252.exe", it did not find my phone (although Windows & Kies do find my phone).

    Not sure how to proceed now?

    I would be most greatful if somebody can help me further?

    thanks a lot in advance!
    Johan / Belgium
  20. bjlabuk

    bjlabuk Well-Known Member


    Ignore the JPF version and use the JPB version as there is only the one '.tar' file in the folder.

    Follow the following instructions:

    Before these steps make sure you have latest version of kies installed, it helps in keeping latest drivers installed.

    1) BEFORE connecting your phone to the USB port of your PC, START ODIN (if using Windows 7 or Vista right click the ODIN.exe file and click 'run as administrator')
    2) Check "One Package" checkbox
    3) Check “Reboot” checkbox
    4) Check "protect ops" checkbox (Don’t check this if you are flashing I5801 with I5800 firmware for the first time.)
    5) Check "reset time" checkbox, keep the default value as it is i.e. 300 don’t select any other options.
    6) Hit "reset files" button once.
    7) Click OPS button and select the OPS file for I5800.
    8) Click 'one package' and select the '.tar' you want to flash. The file must a .tar file.

    9) You are about to connect your phone to the PC . If you want to take a backup of your data/apps then do this now. For that you can use Titanium Backup.
    For backing up contacts and SMS.
    A) go to contacts press menu/left most button select import/export option,
    then export the contacts to sdcard.
    B) For SMS use the app called SMS backup.

    10) Switch off your phone and REMOVE your sdcard and sim card. Then switch on your phone and wait for the Home screen to appear. Now do a factory reset/ Hard Reset which should clear the cache. To Hard Reset your phone go to the keypad and type the code *2767*3855# (this will automatically start the process and wipe the cache and reset the phone).
    Once the Home screen appears again switch off the phone. Now restart the phone in 'downloading mode' by pressing the 'home' (centre) + 'vol. down' + 'power' button together (the message 'Downloading.... Do not turn off target!!!' should appear on the screen, or 'Forced upload by Key pressing').

    11) NOW connect your phone to PC using the USB cable.

    12) ODIN will show yellow color and com port no. in the box near the top in ODIN (see photo above). IF ODIN does not detect your phone at this stage then something is wrong. Check your USB drivers etc and that your phone is in download mode.

    13) Click Start and watch the progress bar (green color) in the top box (above the timer).

    14) WAIT until PASS message appears in box (box will turn blue color).

    15) At some point ODIN will displays the message 'disconnect serial port & wait until rebooting phone' in message box. Don't disconnect the phone just yet! Wait until you see the messages "Instant destroyed' and then ' Killed timer! '. It is then okay to disconnect the phone from the PC.

    Let the phone boot (if it hasn't already). It may take some time 5-10 mins for first boot so don’t panic.

    After reboot do a Hard Reset again. This will again clear the cache. Let the phone restart and wait for home screen to appear. If all okay then power off, put sim and sdcard back in and then power on.

  21. jbeyz

    jbeyz Member

    Hi Bruce!

    This is great! Works perfectly...

    Thanks a lot for your perfect explanation!

    Whenever you come to Belgium, I owe you a (Belgian...) beer:)

  22. BigWilley

    BigWilley New Member

    Help! I tried installing Froyo 2.2 on my Samsung apollo 3 I5800, but every time my phone 'hangs' on the flashing samsung logo... what do i do wrong. It's flashing now, for at least 15 minutes. Help!
  23. bjlabuk

    bjlabuk Well-Known Member


    This happened to me when I first tried. Try removing the battery, wait 5-10 seconds, then replace it and switch on the phone. If that doesn't work just go through the whole procedure again as stated above.


    I am pleased my instructions helped. Now, IF if you want to go one step further you can 'root' your phone and get 'Superuser' access by following the steps in this link:

    Root / Unroot Samsung Galaxy 3 Running Android 2.2 FroYo | TechAppz32

    z4root worked for me on my I5800 with Android 2.1, but I couldn't get it to work with the 2.2 version I5800XXJPB version . However, I downloaded Superoneclick and followed the instructions in the link and it worked straight away.

    To install busybox, I downloaded it to my PC, unzipped it to get the .apk file, then transferred it to the root directory of my microSD card using a microSD adapter in a card reader. Then put the microSD card back in the phone, go to 'Applications', and look for the 'My Files' icon (it is on 'screen 2' on my phone). Click on it and it will show you what is installed on your microSD card. Scroll down and click on busybox.apk and follow the instructions to install it.

    have fun!

  24. BigWilley

    BigWilley New Member

    How long should i wait after getting the battery out, in and turn on the phone... can it take a while (like 5-10 minutes)?
  25. bjlabuk

    bjlabuk Well-Known Member

    It shouldn' take that long to boot up. If it hasn't booted properly start at the beginning again. Clear ODIN, and start again.

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