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Upgrade from Magic

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  1. Maxxy

    Maxxy Well-Known Member

    So I'm stuck on contract with Rogers for another almost 2 years. I'm currently having a rooted Magic running Froyo but considering buying a decent new generation Android phone for a full price.
    My first choice would be Nexus S if it ever gets ported to Rogers frequencies but if not then what do you guys think are my other choices?

  2. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Well-Known Member

    Captivate. That is the only choice on rogers that is any good and currently the galaxy s series are the most powerful of all android phones as no tegra 2 phones have been released yet. Next choice Desire Z or Desire HD ( when it comes to telus ). Really those are the only choices
  3. Maxxy

    Maxxy Well-Known Member

    Rogers data frequencies don't exactly match Bell's or Telus's, right? So if I understand correctly Desire Z or HD would work on Rogers only in 2G. This is no good.

    I just checked Android phones on AT&T - the selection is pretty poor: few Motorola phones that I'll definitely stay away from, X10, HTC Aria and the Captivate.

    Darn, it looks like my choices are very limited: Captivate or Xperia...
    I really hope Google / Samsung will make Nexus S for AT&T / Rogers frequencies.
  4. i2004tor

    i2004tor Member

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat, here with my Magic. It's a bit slow at times, and recently had started to randomly reboot more often. Can't wait until my two years since my last HUP is up!
  5. thor124

    thor124 Well-Known Member

    You mean your thirty months right? A few months back they changed their HUP policy, retroactively.
  6. davidelewis

    davidelewis Active Member

    I was an early adopter (August 2009) of the HTC Magic. I passed the phone along to my wife and the used her HUP to upgrade to the Samsung Captivate. What a difference! I miss the Sense UI - but in every other way, the Captivate is far superior. Besides that stunning screen, blazing fast CPU and loads of memory - the camera on the Captivate is very good - great video and decent low-light photos. (I thought the camera on the Magic was quite poor.)
  7. davidelewis

    davidelewis Active Member

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  8. TriC

    TriC Well-Known Member

    This is not true.. Rogers Bell and Telus use the same bands. Rogers uses a few extra but you can take your phone if its unlocked to any of the Canadian network. and it will work great. they all use 850mhz and 1900mhz and 2100mhz..
  9. Maxxy

    Maxxy Well-Known Member

    Right, thank you. I've done some more reading and figured as much. I'm actually considering getting a Captivate or Vibrant if the S won't become available in the next month or two.
    Question to Vibrant / Captivate owners: is not having flash a big problem for you?
  10. TriC

    TriC Well-Known Member

    Ya not having a flash is no issue.. Also a flash like the iphone4 has does nothing really.. the images are still really dark there are only a few phone that have a flash that works well.. but I don't miss having a flash at all.. the Captivate is an amazing phone I have flashed so manny different Roms.. their is so much 3rd party support for the Samsung S phones.

    I would stay away form bell's version for now as some have shipped with bad internal SD memory. this is not the case with the Captivate and the version of the Samsung S that Tellus has as well. just Bell got the bad batch..
  11. AmazonAnnie

    AmazonAnnie Well-Known Member

    I've got a HUP waiting for me but I can't find a phone I like (yet). I've got an LG Eve (running 2.2 Froyo on a custom ROM) and I love the 5 row keyboard. None of the new phones at CES have a keyboard which is a huge disappointment for me.

    I guess I'll just wait and see what comes down the line.

  12. Save your money.

    The Nexus S does not have an external SD slot. If there was one, that would be my choice. Double check the frequencies, I do not believe it is fully supported on the Rogers Network for now.
  13. I would not go back to Rogers. So many better wireless options now.

    Mobilicity - Nexus One $500 - Unlimited Data for $10 on top of Voice plan.

    Treat your phone like a mini computer, you should be able to control what you do with your phone, not your carrier.
  14. Maxxy

    Maxxy Well-Known Member

    Not having an SD slot is a nuisance for me but not a showstopper. The S is confirmed coming to Canada in March so this will be one of my options.
  15. Maxxy

    Maxxy Well-Known Member

    I'm stuck on a contract with Rogers till fall 2012. I don't consider breaking out of the contract as I like Rogers coverage. I just want a better phone.
    Right now my two main options are Nexus S and Desire HD.
  16. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Well-Known Member

    Any Bell and Telus phone will work on Rogers fine if its an hspa phone. Idk where you got your info. The big 3 all use 850/1900 for 3g bands
  17. Maxxy

    Maxxy Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I've already figured this out. Now I'm just waiting for HTC Desire HD phone to become available in Canada so I can get it.
  18. Superbrowndude

    Superbrowndude Well-Known Member

    Ive been with rogers for a few years now,and I was paying about $95/month for my bill. That includes unlimited evenings and weekends from 6pm,2500txt msgs,voice mail,call waiting etc,200 anytime minutes,and 6gb of data.

    Then a promotional offer came up at my work from bell,which was a fair price and such. So I called rogers and told them about the bell plan,So now I pay $62.00/month with all the same features.I also had to sign another 3 year contract with them. I also got a free upgrade which I havent used yet cause Im waiting for a better phone to come out.
    I was using the magic for a year and a half now,but i got bored of it.
    Im using a rooted X10 on foroyo and its a 100 times better than the magic. I paid $280 for the X10 with a 16gb card all brand new off kijijiji.
    I sold the Magic for $150....

    I dont really know where Im going with this story,I think Im recommending the X10 for now,and try having your plan reduced. I was gonna sell the X10 when a better phone comes out,but I keep it as a back up.
  19. Maxxy

    Maxxy Well-Known Member

    Thanks, man. I appreciate you sharing your experience. I have considered X10 in the past but at this point with such phones as HTC Desire HD and Nexus S out it's not an option anymore. Right now Rogers simply doesn't have a phone that I'd be interested in. This is why I decided to bite the bullet and get a decent phone for a full price. Btw thank you for the suggestion about kijiji, I will give it a try.
  20. Maxxy

    Maxxy Well-Known Member

    My choice is narrowing down to Desire HD or Nexus S. Both phones should become available on Canada within next 1-2 months.
    Which phone would you guys pick?
  21. Superbrowndude

    Superbrowndude Well-Known Member

    Thats a tough decision,Ill be using your input from this thread when looking for a new phone :)

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