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  1. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

    So, I have an (original) Maxx on unlimited data. I'm upgradeable February 2014 on MY line, and have a ghost line upgradeable in September.

    I'm thinking ahead.

    I see a few options. I would like to see some of you elaborate to help me think of things I may have missed.

    Option 1. I upgrade the ghost line, and immediately switch back to an old dumbphone so I can use the phone to add on my line and keep unlimited. Only drawback is the $10 per month for continuing the empty, not in use line. (Keeping unlimited data)

    Option 2. I wait until my upgrade, then upgrade something worth a lot (fruit phone maybe) on the ghost line, then switch back to the dumb phone like the first option, then sell it to buy a full priced phone to use on my line. (Keeping unlimited data) This may or not provide enough cash to get a full priced phone.

    Option 3. I let the ghost line expire and then get rid of it to save the $10 per month. Then I use my upgrade and lose unlimited. I use 4.5 to 8.5 gb per month, and my wife uses 2-3 tops. (her line is on a 5gb plan because ONE TIME she barely exceeded her 2gb, and I decided the extra money is better used on a more data than an overage) 12gb shared would be enough, but not if I wanted to stream music like I do now. It would be VERY close sometimes. I like the security of never having to worry about having a limit.

    Do you guys feel this is a lost cause and I should just get over it and lose unlimited? I really enjoy unlimited. Very few don't. I like to use Spotify and Pandora while driving and I would have to cut it down if I lost unlimited, plus overages on shared plans is $15 per gb, as opposed to $10 per gb on an individual plan.


  2. magdelaine

    magdelaine Well-Known Member

    Get rid of your ghost line and use Buy and Sell Used Android Phones and Tablets > Swappa or ebay to get your next phone. When you add it up, it just doesn't make sense to pay through the a$$ for the latest phone with the monthly costs you get looped into. IMO. PS...in my contract there was a clause in the contract that forbids you from moving a subsidized phone to another line within six months or you have to pay early termination fees. So that's six months of 9.99 PLUS a data plan before you can move it back to your unlimited data line. But then I bought through Wirefly...so with VZW it may be different.
  3. K4KAI

    K4KAI Well-Known Member

    This was MY best option, and I am on Verizon. I sold my iPhone 5 on Swappa and bought my LIKE NEW RAZR MAXX HD and I really love it.

    Swappa gets 5 stars in my book. :)

    GTIMKV Well-Known Member

    1. The real cost of the ghost line is more than $10. Including carrier fees and taxes, it's more like $13 a month or $312 for 2 years.

    2. If you sell your upgrade, remember that eBay and Paypal will take a combined 11% from your final selling price.

    3. You need to pay $30 upgrade fee plus tax if you upgrade.

    4. Say you buy an iPhone (the most profitable option) for $200+$30 upgrade fee+$16 tax=246. You can sell it on ebay for $600 and you can get around $534 after eBay and Paypal fees. $534 - $246 - $312=-$24. You lose $24 by selling your upgrade while keeping the ghost line.

    GTIMKV Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't give up unlimited data either. It's the only reason that I am still with the expensive big red.

    New phones are coming out quarterly. You should be able to get a quality phone for 300-400. I bought my razr maxx last May for 400 from local Craigslist. Razr M, a very capable device running Jelly Bean and has the same chipset as the Galaxy S3, can be bought for $300 right now in new or like new condition. iPhones are expensive, but Android phones usually go down in value fairly quickly after 3/4 months so you can always get a good deal if you are patient.
  6. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

    I see one major problem with getting a used one. I've replaced my Maxx twice because of the headphone jack going out and it was covered under the warranty. Sure, it was refurbished, but the warranty remains. I don't like the idea of using insurance and my deductible to cover such things in the future. Will someone else's warranty still cover me after I buy their used phone?

    GTIMKV Well-Known Member

    I believe all Verizon phones were covered for 1 year. If your phone has hardware/software issue that aren't caused by misuse or physical damage, just call *611 and ask CS to send you a replacement.

    I just have my Razr Maxx (non-HD, purchased from craigslist) replaced with a Razr M. It's much faster and I can now patiently waiting for the "X phone". :)
  8. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

    Good idea. Obviously if they received a defective phone from me that was all smashed up, had water damage, and other obvious things and I had lied, I would get charged extra.

    What about things like charging ports? I know from personal experience and other people that sometimes they consider it wear and tear, other times it's considered under the warranty. That seems to be at their discretion. If something like that happens to a used phone, and they receive it that way, could they possibly change their minds and not let me have it for a warranty? I can't exactly just let them have my phone first, so how would that work? Yes it's hypothetical, but it's a real life situation.

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