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  1. jlemon

    jlemon Member

    I was told several times during Sprint Chat session that I could go into a Sprint Store 2 weeks before my 7/1/2010 upgrade date and get my upgrade on an EVO. So I got put on a waiting list and my phone came in a week before 7/1 but they said there was no way they would do it even if I was told during a sprint chat session that I could. Was the agent on Sprint Chat who told me I could just a complete idiot?

  2. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Well-Known Member

    they would have had to adjust your upgrade in the system to the 2 weeks... that is all they can do is 2 weeks..
  3. unwallflower

    unwallflower Well-Known Member

    Yep, I've heard of them being able to do this before. The way I heard it is that you're actually eligible after a specific date in the month that you were supposed to be eligible in. Or maybe it was the month before... something like that.

    Sprint CS reps are ALWAYS contradicting each other, though. Ask five reps the same question and you'll get five different answers. IMO they are horribly horribly trained.
  4. jlemon

    jlemon Member

    The 1st 2 Reps I talked to said there's nothing they can do other than basically go back to the store and complain. Like that would do any good. I finally got a supervisor who said to print the chat transcript, take it into a Sprint Store and have them call in and verify that the chat agent repeatedly told me I could upgrade 2 weeks early and they would take care of my account.

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