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  1. mekkerlc

    mekkerlc Active Member

    Can my phone be upgraded to Android OS 4.2? Or even 4.1?
    There are a few apps that won't work with the current version of OS I have...which is 2.3.4
    And if so, is it free?

  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Actually, the answer is yes... but not officially or by staying stock, you will need to root and install a custom ROM for your phone, CyanogenMod is semi-officially supported on the Incredible 2.

    Check any forums (like here, XDA, DroidForums, RootzWiki, or Android Central) in the Development or Rooting sections, you will find lots of possibilities.
  3. AndroidGuide

    AndroidGuide Member

    From what Verizon and HTC is saying , we do have a ics update but is on hold for the moment, which they say we should be getting. But other phones from Verizon have gotten before us. But you CAN root your phone to update it. I plan on rooting my phone one day but don't know how and I'm scared ill mess something up.

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