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  1. bhappyharsha

    bhappyharsha Well-Known Member


    I currently have custom recovery v 6.4.

    Is it possible for me to update to 6.5?
    If yes, how do i do it? Do i have to repeat the process i did for installing the first one?
    I don't have galaxy updater as i don't have Wi-fi and it won't be possible for me to download these from the GPRS.
    Also, if i update, will i lose my nandroid backups?

    Sri Harsha.

  2. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    All you need is a computer with a working internet connection. You should download the recovery file on that computer, and then extract the rectools.tar.gz, that's all you are going to need. Then, connect the phone to the computer and put the new rectools.tar.gz on the root of the internal SD card. It should overwrite the previous one and that's it, you now have the newest recovery.

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  3. bhappyharsha

    bhappyharsha Well-Known Member

  4. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    No, they are saved in the Nandroid folder on the SD card which you shouldn't touch by doing what I wrote.
  5. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    But do delete them if you don't need them (I mean on old backups). Of course if you did backups when installing previous GAOSP nightly builds.

    Just some useless info: Each backup is 100+ MB heavy. :p
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  6. bhappyharsha

    bhappyharsha Well-Known Member

    Thanks Lelouch, I had 4 backups. I deleted 2 and have 2 (one that has 1.5 and one with 311010 nightly)

    By the way, i was able to update to Beta 3 and it really works well. The battery, which has been my major concern, is working hell lot better!

    Heart felt thanks to all those who improved this and has been working on this project.
  7. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Drakaz keeps our Galaxy's away from it's imminent doom.
    But this is the year to get a new phone anyway. On Honeycomb or Ice-cream (future Android builds) to be exact.
  8. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    Or maybe a new flavor for the new year I-Droid :D
  9. Naruvam

    Naruvam Well-Known Member

    Cant wait for april and switch to HTC Desire Z or something even better....

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