Upgrade Time - S3 vs S4 vs OneX+?

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  1. capt512

    capt512 Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I have been up for an upgrade for about a year now and just today broke my ballistic case a 3rd time (in less than a year...the clip just keeps breaking). So needing to spend another $50 on a case plus my battery life seeming to be shorter and shorter daily, makes me consider an upgrade.

    Most of the people I work with have now turned their Evo 4g (what I currently have) phones in and picked up Galaxy S3s. Ive played with them a bit and they seem nice, but I haven't played enough to tell if they are any real big differences from my current Evo.

    I don't have to upgrade right now, and want to make sure that my upgrade lasts.

    So are there any big improvements from Evo to the S3, OneX+, or supposed to be coming to the S4?

    My biggest complaint with my evo is its slow and laggy, the battery life is horrific (though I do like the ability to take it out if it gets hung...but not a deal breaker either way), and it frequently restarts...which takes over 5 minutes to start.

    I am looking to upgrade for sure within 6 months at the latest, but am trying to figure out if I should wait for major improvements with the S4 over the S3 or S4 over OneX+...

    Thoughts? Just figured if i'm going to buy another $50 case I should consider upgrades first.

  2. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    Have you found anything that indicates what the specs of the S4 might be? I haven't even seen any rumours regarding it so its impossible to even say how it will compare. Will it beat any phone out today? Of course. Having said that, you can always wait for the next best phone, but you could be waiting as long time. If you want a new phone now then either the S4 or Onex+ make for as great choice. Both have been out for a while and you can read all about their pros and cons, specially on this site which has a large user base for both phones.
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yeah, I expect the S4 will have a 5" 1080p screen (or similar) because it seems like everyone's flagship will next year. Does that matter to you compared with 4.7-4.8" 720p?

    But there is not a word of certain fact about its specs or release date right now. Everything you read (including what I wrote above) is rumour and guesswork, with most rumours starting as someone's guesswork.

    I'd say it really comes down to whether you want to buy now, with the current phones well established, or be an early adopter of one of next year's in (probably) a few month's time?

    One X+ vs S3? Have a play, see which you like best. They are both good.
  4. capt512

    capt512 Member

    Good point about the well established vs proven. I was one of the first to get the Evo 4g when it came out and had tons of problems with it...so maybe the OneX+ or S3 are better options for me. Thanks

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