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  1. lang94

    lang94 New Member

    I just got this phone yesterday. My phone is sick of my old LG vivaz Pro not being able to pick up calls, and cause my contract is over in 5 months. she went with a relatively cheap phone.
    This is my first android phone , so I dunno how to upgrade this to android 1.6. From my research, there is a lot of controversies :O . and it seems that 1.6 is latest version. but I dunno how I can upgrade to that?I don't run on Tmobile, the network is FIDO , in canada LOL
    Also, what is rooting? heard that a lot but I have no idea


  2. nato_salazar

    nato_salazar New Member

    I downloaded the source code from Samsung


    How can I Install it to do the update, my phobe isnt rooted.

    Any hone knows that can help me?

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