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  1. FishenFool

    FishenFool Well-Known Member

    Currently have a Samsung GS3 on Android 4.1.2. The device is rooted and using CWM Recovery. I use Titanium Backup and have all my apps and data backed up. I am considering upgrading to Samsung GS5 and would like to know what I should do so that I can restore my apps and data on the new device.

  2. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    Easy fix.

    1. Upload all of your apps and pictures to Google+, Drive, etc...

    2. Make backups of your device with Kies 3.0,
    Then you can pull in just the apps and data from the old backup file to the S5
    * Kies | SUPPORT | SAMSUNG

    3. Install Switcher and retain your old device until AFTER you have the new S5 in your hands, Switcher will move all of your old stuff over for you.

  3. FishenFool

    FishenFool Well-Known Member

    Also need to be rooted on new device for some of my apps. I'll look at Kies again, but when I first got my GS3 and tried to use it for syncing Outlook I totally hated it.

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