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  1. Mr Wolfpack

    Mr Wolfpack Member

  2. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    it was out 2 days back and i am using it since 24hrs
  3. Mr Wolfpack

    Mr Wolfpack Member

    So, how do you like it?
    Would you recommend upgrading? (I've got 3 Bursts - mine, wife;s, daughter's. Don't want to screw them up.)
  4. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    yes go for it
    now device seems to be working better
  5. JBizzy29

    JBizzy29 New Member

    Hey guys,
    This is my first smartphone so I'm not sure the process of updating OS. Will it erase all my apps, contacts, memos, etc? I really want to update, but I'm worried I might lose all my stuff. I've called ATT and they didn't really fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated! Thx in advance!
  6. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    i got all my apps after update ... as i didnt had any message/contacts so cant confirm

    just sync contacts with google and for message backup use smsback apps and then you can safely update [this is just for precaution if in case these things are messed up while update]
  7. Rsccman

    Rsccman Member

    do not upgrade, i found the new 4.0.3 to demolish your ram and locks up with keyboards like swiftkey~ right now im trying to find a way to downgrade to factory image also after upgradeing your pantech pc suite wont work anymore properly with the phone
  8. Sable899

    Sable899 New Member

    No problems for me and I had never done it before. The Burst has an automated backup system and as long as you have had that turned on you won't lose anything. It still works just fine with the Burst PC Suite also.
  9. tfranzman

    tfranzman New Member

    Does the upgrade contain all the same ATT bloatware that came with the Gingerbread version?
  10. Rsccman

    Rsccman Member

    yes and theres slightly more, but you can Disable it after uninstalling the 'updates' its a nice feature but still slightly runs the ram
    get the app 'fast boot' it helps =)
  11. JValorDV

    JValorDV New Member

    Can someone help me out with this? I used to really like my Burst and Android Gingerbread. I upgraded, and it's not that I don't like ICS, but everything is a disaster. I can't upgrade or download apps because I'm getting a series of errors including "insufficient storage space," "package is invalid," and "invalid source url." I have cleared the google play cache and data more times than I can count.

    Even worse, a huge amount of apps I already had installed now appear as though they are not, both in the google play store and in the apps list, where I see a bunch of default emblems with an android SD icon. When I click on those, it says app is not installed, even though they worked right after I upgraded, but before I restarted my phone.

    I really don't want to do a factory reset for fear of losing all my app data, but this is just becoming infuriating.
  12. Rsccman

    Rsccman Member

    there isnt a 'auto backup fyi
    all it does it keep system files For the CURRENT VERSION your updating to
    otherwise all 20k+ owners could revert to GB
  13. xj0hnx

    xj0hnx Member

    I am having the same problems. I've got 31 updates waiting and every time I have tried to update them I get the same messages, if it's not "insufficient storage available" it's one of the other two about invalid whatever. Nothing I have tried has worked, it is becoming quite frustrating.

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