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  1. Roadrage68

    Roadrage68 Member

    Hey guys I gotta question for ya. I currently have a Droid Incredible (camera removed for work) VZW and am looking to upgrade probably to a Maxx. Could I buy the Maxx and another 4G phone take the camera out of the cheap 4G phone for work and swap between the 2 phones daily? Is there a way to do this without going back to AT&T?

    Thanks in advance..

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    You can do it as the Maxx has a SIM card for 4G. If you buy another 4G phone with a standard sized SIM, you would need to use an adapter from uSIM to SIM when using the other phone and only the uSIM when sing Razr Maxx.
  3. hoppyjr

    hoppyjr Active Member

    That should work.

    I don't know why manufacturers don't offer a non-camera Android (or iPhone) for business and government users.......although a small market, it still exists. Although I don't require a non-camera version right now, I would still prefer it.
  4. Roadrage68

    Roadrage68 Member

    OK so when I switch phones what do I have to do? Before with 3G I had to dial *228 and wait while it programmed my phone. Is it like AT&T now where I just switch the sims and I'm good to go? Not sure how it works...

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