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  1. skelband

    skelband Member

    Here's an interesting snippet which might interest others.

    My daughter has one of these Telus branded phones but she has a FIDO SIM.
    With stock firmware V10c it didn't work.
    However, with the V10d upgrade, it works fine.

    I seem to remember somewhere reading that one of the things fixed in the update was a "roaming" issue. Presumably whatever band was not supported before is now.

    I'm a happy camper to be sure and I don't have to delve into ROMing and the like. :D

  2. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    My girlfriend had a fido SIM, I unlocked the phone and SIM didn't work. So I switched to a newer SIM I had lying around and it works. I'm guessing they just added support for older legacy SIM cards...

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