Upgrade your device & maintain UDP using Best Buy

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  1. Lodingi

    Lodingi Well-Known Member

    Like the title states, you can upgrade your phone and maintain your unlimited data. You have to order your device online from Best Buy. Not sure if this works with other online retailers.

    Go on to BB's site and start the upgrade process. After you verify your eligibility, you shop for a phone & choose your new device. The next step is very important. When you get to the "Choose Your Plan" page, make sure you choose to "Keep Your Existing Data Plan". As an added precaution, I took screenshots of every step in case I need to fight with Verizon later. Continue on and once the order is complete, checkout.

    Now when you receive your new device, there are a couple important steps to follow. First, DO NOT POWER ON YOUR DEVICE! The new phone will have a preinstalled sim card. If you power on your new device before removing the sim, you will lose your unlimited data. Verizon programs the sim to force you into a tiered plan.

    The next step is to remove the preinstalled sim card from the new device. You will then take the sim card from the phone you are upgrading, and insert it into the new device. You may have to trim your current sim card to fit the new phone. I had to cut my micro sim down to a nano sim. I purchased a sim cutter from Amazon. It was easy & painless.

    Once the sim is inserted, you can power on the new phone. Your phone will activate and you will still have unlimited data. It worked for me and many others. You can read this thread for more info. Good luck.

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  2. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    Wow, so you didn't have to transfer an upgrade or anything to keep your UDP? I've been using my 3rd line on my account with a 2GB plan (my mom's line) to transfer my upgrades to so I can keep unlimited. I'm about to get an M8 soon I think, so I'll see if BB has any better pricing on it than Verizon does at the moment ($200 on contract). Edit: Yeah, I see BB has the M8 for $50 less at $150, so I may try this trick. I'll have to order a SIM cutter to get my micro-SIM down to a Nano-SIM too (which I think the M8 uses).

    I see the first reply in that thread you linked to said they lost unlimited 6 hours after using the new phone. But I'm wondering if they swapped the SIM out (from their old phone) when they got it.
  3. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid. Guide

    This is some amazing info. :thumb: Even more amazing is that after four months Verizon hasn't put a stop to this workaround to keeping your unlimited data when upgrading.
    I'm guessing they didn't swap the SIM out since that method isn't mentioned until later in the thread, and those who did swap say they kept unlimited.
  4. Lodingi

    Lodingi Well-Known Member

    You do not have to transfer the upgrade. I purchased the M8 for $150. As for the person who claims to have lost UDP, that person was able to get UD restored by providing the sales receipt which clearly stated they had chosen to keep their existing data plan.
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  5. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    Awesome. Looks like this is the route I'm taking as well then. I really appreciate you posting this as I wasn't looking forward to researching new workarounds to keep the UDP and seeing if the upgrade transfer method still works (which I believe it does despite most Verizon reps telling me I'll lose my UDP regardless, they said the same thing last time and it worked fine). So now I can upgrade without worry and even save a little cash as well! :cool:

    Have you rooted/ROM'd your M8 yet? I'll want to unlock native tethering as soon as I get it, so I'll have to hit up the M8 subforum to see if there's an easy way to unlock it with root.
  6. Lodingi

    Lodingi Well-Known Member

    I have not unlocked or rooted just yet. I want to make sure I'm going to keep the phone first.
  7. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    Verizon just slashed the price of the M8 (and S5) to $100 on contract for Mothers Day. Hopefully BB matches or beats them on that here shortly. Not sure how I could get them to price match online, but I'm sure I could get them to in-store. But I'm guessing they wouldn't give me the option to "keep my existing data plan" and re-use my current SIM if I picked this up in-store? Do you know if this is possible?
  8. Lodingi

    Lodingi Well-Known Member

    You cannot pick up in store. If you do, they will activate the phone with the tiered data plan sim card. They will not let you leave the store without activating the phone.

    The only way this workaround works, is by ordering online.
  9. aholeinthewor1d

    aholeinthewor1d Active Member

    Ughhh..if only best buy would match Verizon's mothers day pricing..I do not have 200-250 to spend on an s5 but I really wanna keep my unlimited data and I don't think this will last that long
  10. aholeinthewor1d

    aholeinthewor1d Active Member

    Ok so even if they matched the price which I'm sure they will not do online...the keeping unlimited data does not seem to work. I went on their site and select the verizon s5 and clicked "buy" and right away a message popped up saying


    Here's what you need to know:

    With Verizon's new Share Everything plan, unlimited data is no longer available. When you upgrade your device, you will not have unlimited data.

    If keeping unlimited data is important to you, you can choose "Replace my device" and pay full retail price for a new device."

    sooooo?? idk
  11. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    Hmm, you don't think I could just insist that they use my current SIM instead of using a new one?

    I wonder if there's some online chat on BB's web site to get them to price match then. I may just transfer my upgrade to my tiered data line now so I can get the M8 for $100.
  12. WCM3

    WCM3 Member

    I saw this too, but it really never gives you the option of "tiered data." You just click later in the process to keep your current plan. I tried it with my upgrade and everything went through. I'll see how it works and if they remove my unlimited data, i'll complain. And if they don't restore it, just switch to at&t or t-mobile.
  13. aholeinthewor1d

    aholeinthewor1d Active Member

    yea i just saw that it still gives the option to keep it...I called best buy and spoke with online sales and mobile sales...they will not price match verizon
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  14. Samsmome

    Samsmome Member

    I tried this on BB website and my only option was for in store pickup. I think it just depends on the store.
    As for keeping UDP, it too gives me the only option of "keep existing plan". Haven't actually gone and submitted everything for a new phone because I want to keep my UDP.
  15. Samsmome

    Samsmome Member

    I think it all depends on the store. When I go to BB website to order a phone, it says "in store pickup only".
    It also give me the only option to "Keep my existing data plan" which I too have UD. I don't want to give this up so I haven't completed the purchase through BB as of yet.
  16. Lodingi

    Lodingi Well-Known Member

    Make sure your receipt states "keep existing data plan". The one or two people who had an issue were able to restore their UDP by showing the receipt.

    Hmm. This is a new road block. Maybe you guys can post some screen shots?
  17. Samsmome

    Samsmome Member

  18. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    It's only giving me the option to pick up in-store as well on the One M8. To make it worse, none of the 4 stores near me have it available and it only lets me select stores over an hour away from me.

    Looks like I'll probably just do the old phone upgrade transfer method anyways. Esp. since BB isn't price matching Verizon on the Mothers Day sale. Thanks anyways though, OP.
  19. dmunz

    dmunz Well-Known Member

    I know that is a long way off and the world may shift by then but if you do this are you putting a finite lifespan on your UDP?

  20. Lodingi

    Lodingi Well-Known Member

    You'll be guaranteed unlimited data for the life of the contract. After that, who knows.

    I would keep trying the online route. They (Verizon) may have caught on. If it were me, I would call BB and make up a ridiculous lie why I cannot pick up at the store (injury, disability). Lol.
  21. Samsmome

    Samsmome Member

    Ok, so I went to BB yesterday to inquire about keeping UDP. Basically I was told by a BB employee that if I buy a phone at a subsidized price that when I come to pick up the phone (BB didn't offer shipping on their website) they will activate it without swapping the new sim card with the old. But, if I but a phone at full price they will let me swap out cards. So, clearly the data plan is tied to the sim card. Asked them what's to stop me from ordering a phone (at a subsidized price) that does offer shipping and swap out the cards before I turn it on. They told me that when I sign for the new phone, it sends a message to BB that I received it and my old card gets deactivated. I don't really believe that last sentence the employees told me.
    Has anyone else been told this regarding have the phone shipped to your house and the old sim card being deactivated after you sign for the phone. I think they were handing me a line of BS.
    As far as shipping and pick up in store only, BB website states free shipping $25.00 and up. The phone I was looking at is the LG G2 and it's on sale for $1.00 through today. So, I think that's why my store said pick up only.
  22. Lodingi

    Lodingi Well-Known Member

    What that BB employee told you was pure BS. Don't believe him. I've had my device for 2 weeks and I still have unlimited data.

    As for the shipping comment, have you tried to pay for shipping?
  23. Samsmome

    Samsmome Member

    When ordering the phone on line, it doesn't give me an option for shipping even to pay for it. Because BB website states free shipping $25.00 and up, just for grins I added a case for $31 . something. They would ship the case but not the phone. So, I then changed the phone to a note 3 and that did offer shipping.
    I just don't see how BB or Verizon can deactivate a sim card just by signing for the delivered phone. I have had other phones delivered but didn't activate until a few days later when I had time to play around with it.
    I ddon't believe what BB is telling me about shipping, but I do believe they won't swap out the new sim card for the old.
    I have UD and hotspot, I don't want to lose that.
    It's just really scary.
  24. Lodingi

    Lodingi Well-Known Member

    Relax. Take screen shots of your order. Also make sure your receipt also shows to keep your existing data plan.

    The BB employee is just trying to frighten you. They cannot deactivate your existing sim.

    If anything did go wrong, you have 14 days to cancel.
  25. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Well-Known Member

    Yup, I wouldn't worry about it. There's no way they would deactivate your current SIM even if they were tracking your phone delivery to see when you received it. That would be setting them up for a lot of complaints since just because a customer received a phone (any family member there could sign for it if they require it) at their house doesn't mean they're going to be there immediately to activate it. It would just be bad business to deactivate an active SIM/line that is in use without any customer interaction whatsoever.

    As Lodingi told me, I would just keep trying/checking the phone you want to see if it offers shipping. I tried the M8 again today and it gave me the option to ship to my house and it wasn't giving me that option the day before for some reason.

    I didn't take this upgrade route though because Verizon is offering the One M8 for $100 ($50 less than BB) on-contract right now for the Mothers Day sale and I have a 2GB line (that another family member uses) I can transfer upgrades to in order to keep my UDP on my line. Plus Verizon gives me free 2 day shipping while BB only had standard 7-13 day (I think, something like that) shipping for free. So I really had no incentive to go through BB. I appreciate OP for posting this still though, because if this sale hadn't happened, then I would definitely be going through BB.

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