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  1. Penfold1

    Penfold1 Well-Known Member

    Hi. I have recently bought a tab 16gig. I now realise 32 gig would be so much better. is there any way to upgrade as you might with a pc??

  2. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Since they are 2 different devices I believe not :( you could possible exchange or trade in for the 32GB
  3. srothkin

    srothkin Well-Known Member

    You could insert a 16 or 32GB SD card to expand your storage.
  4. SPYJAY1

    SPYJAY1 New Member

    I added the sandisk 64gb micro sd, class 10. formated it to fat32 with a free fat32 formatter I found online and works like a charm (stock tab 2) as well I purchased the usb input adapter and picked up a small 64gb usb. I have tons of storage now.
  5. Romulous

    Romulous Well-Known Member

    That's good to know as i was thinking of picking up a 64 gig card for my Tab and then using my 32 gig for my sons tab for movies.

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