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upgraded to ICS (att official release)Support

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  1. mhipsman

    mhipsman Member

    just upgraded to ICS via ATT. not OTA so it took about 2 hours but installed
    with no problems. took another hour to recreate my home pages.

    the onlt issue i found so far was that slider keyboard lighted keys do not
    light up (will go to ATT store to see if they can find setting)

  2. babelsquirrel

    babelsquirrel Active Member

    I also upgraded. Same lack of keybaord backlight. From a google search it looks like it is a somewhat common problem with ICS and there may be a simple fix if you root your phone.

    Still, I'll live with it. I have never had a smartphone without some annoying quirks.

    Possible fix here if you are rooted. I haven't tried it.
  3. pjs32000

    pjs32000 New Member

    I upgraded too and also lost the lighting on the physical keyboard. I did a full backup on Kies prior to the upgrade and am having trouble doing the restore. I keep getting errors when attempting it, even when trying to restore a single items such as contacts.
  4. babelsquirrel

    babelsquirrel Active Member

    I finally gave in, installed CWM recovery, and the fix I linked to in the previous post for the keyboard backlight issue. It worked.

    If you have encrypted your phone's /data partition or SD card, you need to decrypt both before CWM will work.
  5. koshki

    koshki Well-Known Member

    Do you think the next update, or whatever they're calling it, will fix this?
  6. Xahjous1015

    Xahjous1015 New Member

    I seem to have had many similar issues.

    -Keyboard Light
    -Internet is super slow now
    -Battery life is terrible
    -No longer have a scrolling wallpaper, and no longer adjust to screen position

    I have done several things to fix. I constantly am clearing the ram, as it seems to run high. I have done a master reset. After which, many contacts upon restore became miss-matched. Some disappeared all together.

    My phone has not been rooted/unlocked/jailbroken, etc.

    Any suggestions?
  7. oldnoob2

    oldnoob2 Well-Known Member

    There were several issues with the ICS Glide update. Samsung pulled it from their servers a few days after it was released.
  8. Hannahthr

    Hannahthr New Member

    How were you able to upgrade to the ICS? I go on the samsung website and each time shows that the ICS upgrade has been put on hold. I have bricked my phone in the past trying to upgrade before it went on hold. Please help! :)
  9. mhipsman

    mhipsman Member

    ATT just released OTA upgrade at least keyboard lights now work
  10. tuanngnt

    tuanngnt Active Member

    I just upgraded it to ICS from Samsung website not AT&T and I did not see the keyboard light problem. It worked like without any problem..
  11. babelsquirrel

    babelsquirrel Active Member

    I used Kies to upgrade from the first AT&T ICS release to this second AT&T ICS release. Indeed, the keyboard backlight problem is gone without any hacks. Seems like the fast dormancy related kernel wakelock that was sucking up the battery life by keeping the phone awake is also gone.

    For some reason the update wouldn't download OTA. Software update always claimed by software was up to date.

    As far as I can tell, this ICS update is solid.

    Nothing else to report, so far.
  12. womp12

    womp12 New Member

    I know that not a features from ICS will be on all phones, but I have heard that I am at least supposed to get the unlock to camera function on my captivate glide. I cannot do that and have tried seeing if there is a setting d to change, but I haven't found anything. I also cannot create folders on my homepage or re-size widgets. I was just wondering what features I am supposed to have.
  13. idulkoan

    idulkoan Active Member

  14. oldnoob2

    oldnoob2 Well-Known Member

    Both are the same update. If you're planning to root go ahead and use the XDA procedure, otherwise save yourself a lot of steps and use Kies.
  15. idulkoan

    idulkoan Active Member

    oh alright thx for the reply

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