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Upgrading Android 2.1Support

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  1. pasha_uol

    pasha_uol New Member

    i want to know can i upgrade my Huawei U8500??? if yes then how to upgrade my Huawei U8500 Android smartphone from 2.1 Eclair to 2.2 Froyo or higher

  2. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Welcome! I'll move your question. You probably have to root.
  3. Scue

    Scue Member

    MyPhone is Huawei U8500 and it is 2.2.1 ROM,U8500 upgrade no failure, just do it .

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  4. Andobhai

    Andobhai New Member

    Hello - can some one give a step-by-step process for moving from eclair 2.1 to froyo 2.2 on the u8500? A lot of us are newbies when it comes to ANDROID OS.

    So pls can some1 help? Thanks in advance.
  5. Andobhai

    Andobhai New Member

    Hey can u pls tell us how u did it?
    After upgrading did u have your FM radio working alright?

  6. reville

    reville New Member

    hey there

    i'm a ideos android newbie

    gots a u8150, running froyo

    how do i upgrade to like gingerbread (2.3)?

    please advice/help
  7. chugori

    chugori New Member

    i also want 8150 to be upgraded to 2.3 need help
  8. mostafiztuhin

    mostafiztuhin New Member

    How can you upgrade this?
  9. shamsuddin

    shamsuddin New Member

    I have install U8500V100R001C267B713SP01.rar in My Huawei U8500 (local model name Grameenphone Crystal). But it do not work in my country. Can anybody help me to download Android 2.2 or higher version for Bangladesh. Please send me the download link.
  10. mostafiztuhin

    mostafiztuhin New Member

    Huwaie u8500 (os 2.1) launched as brand named as grameenphone crystal in bangladesh. version--U8500 V100R001BGDC128B277 (Bengal GP).Can any one help me to upgrade this version to 2.2?
  11. Hasis

    Hasis New Member

    link me android 2.2 update :( help pleas
  12. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi Hasis, If you go to the Huawei web site you can Download the User Manual and the FAQ's Manual.
    You can Download the Software update and follow the instructions on Page 26 of the FAQ Manual Section 2.1 Forced Upgrade.

    Be aware that any Forced Upgrade/Root of your Smartphone will lose ALL your Data (contacts, text messages, and multimedia messages).:eek:

    If you Download Hi Suite to your computer, you can use that to help you save your Data before you carry out the Upgrade.
    All is explained in the Manuals and I find them very easy to understand. Cheers Neil.:D

    HUAWEI IDEOS - Huawei Device Co., Ltd..
  13. somplex

    somplex Member

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  14. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi somplex, an interesting site. I had a look around and see there is available a Universal Rooting software from software2tech.com through one of the subscribers. Download is "UniversalAndrootbeta5.apk".
    If someone want's to try and report back. Cheers Neil.
  15. somplex

    somplex Member

    hi nu2andy,

    Hey thanks for the suggestion. I will try it out.
  16. roukaf

    roukaf New Member

    Does this update is supports Arabic language
  17. cullam

    cullam Member

    Thank you this worked like a charm!
    Anyone knows how to now synch this phone with outlook? What program should i now use ?

    Thanks in advance.
  18. cullam

    cullam Member

    any idea how i get the original firmware back on this huawei?
  19. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi cullam, Have a look at Post #12. A "Forced Upgrade" will do what you want. I recently had to do this with a U8150 I purchased on EBay AU which had a broken screen.
    I paid $5.00 for the phone and purchased a new Digitizer screen and a LCD screen and after installation, the phone started with a screen lock the previous owner had used. :eek:
    I did the Forced Upgrade which restored the phone to as new. Then I found it was locked to Virgin Mobile AU. I contacted the previous owner who requested the Unlock Code from Virgin and when she sent me the code - 2 minutes later - I have a full working U8150 on 2Degrees NZ. Cheers Neil. :D
  20. cullam

    cullam Member

    on the page of the manual you refer to it says
    go to " settings--- SDcard & phone storage--Software upgrade -- SD card upgrade"
    Problem is when i go to settings .. sdcard &phone storage the only option i get is "total space- available space-unmount sd card- format sd card and internal phone storage with available space."

    any suggestions ?
  21. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi cullam, This is the Page you require:

    2.1 Forced Upgrade
    The forced upgrade method is as follows:
    Note: After the forced upgrade, all user data(contacts, text messages, and multimedia messages) will be lost.
    1. Go to Support - Huawei Device Co., Ltd.. and search for the latest U8150 version, download it to the local drive, and uncompress it to extract the upgrade file.
    2. In the SD card root directory, create a new folder named dload. Take the extracted upgrade file, UPDATE.APP, and copy it to the dloadfolder.
    3. Insert the SD card into the mobile phone.
    4. When the mobile phone is powered off, press the Volume +, End, and Power keys at the same time to initiate the forced upgrade.
    5. After the upgrade is complete, restart the phone, and continue to use as before.
    This is from the FAQ's Manual.
    You require the Software Download from Huawei labelled:
    (U8150V100R001C127B818SPO5) When you Download to your comp, Open it as instructed above.
    I have a MicroSD card adapter which enables me to connect by USB. You take your MicroSD card and insert in the adapter - then plug into your comp. It's recognized as Removeable Disc X (X being an Alpha assigned to it) Mine shows as F.
    This Download is 93MB.
    I think I Downloaded the FAQ Manual from the Huawei.com.AU site. It's in PDF which I opened with Adobe and I have it in hard copy and Icon on desktop. Hope this helps, but if you get stuck - ask for help. Cheers Neil.;)
  22. cullam

    cullam Member

    I think huawei hates me:)
    just for the info.. i have a u8500 but i tried your way nu2andy but when i went to the huawei site, the only firmware for u8150 they have listed is the kernel-2.6.32-U8150-Froyo and that dont have any files named update.app so i am lost again. Would you happen to have the uppdate.app that you used?

    Kind regards cullam
  23. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

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  24. cullam

    cullam Member

    I seriously think the phone hates me, and its starting to be mutual. Even with the file you mailed me, I get a "update failed" screen when turning it on like the manual says...
  25. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi cullam, I was just trying to find some info relating to the Forced Upgrade, but can't locate it. I'm sure that if you repeat the process it will work!
    The info I was looking for said that if you got the message "Update Failed" to remove battery, then re-install and try again. I had to do this 3-4 times myself to get a sucessful update.
    I think the secret is to try and Press all 3 buttons together. Give it a go and let's know if you are sucessful. Neil.

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