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  1. gsiblini

    gsiblini New Member

    I have bought a motorola Quench xt5 running Eclair android 2.1 ; It does not have a (market application) in it ! Motorola customer service replied as follows: This is an older version of Quench; it is impossible to add Appmarket to it ; you can return it if this is not satisfactory or install from 3rd part downloads !!! I could not return it as the store has "No return Policy on Cell phones" :My Mistake . Anyone please can point me to a thread where I can learn How to Add Appmarket . I tried several versions of com.android.vending.apk (The latest 2.2.6 does not install -message :problem parsing the application) ;older versions runs but stops at Downloading or gives a message (vending.apk suddenly stopped-Force close ) . Probably the phone needs rooting but I do not know how . Also did not find anyplace that can instruct me to upgrade the phone to Froyo 2.2 Android (that has the appmarket) although some pages mentioned that there is an update for Quench 2.1 android to Froyo available(not on the motorola website) ! Thanks and apologize if this sounds like a newby question .

  2. Amanxs

    Amanxs Member

  3. sandeep108

    sandeep108 Well-Known Member

    One of the reasons I am thinking of LG Optimus P500 or Dell XCD 35 (but only if Dell confirms by e-mail that they will update to 2.2)
  4. saeen

    saeen New Member

    I tried best possible way getting the Market App but result? FAILED!

    I even got other familiar products stock ROMS, take Boston for example, it's Market worked! But you can download applications from there. app.vender... .apk stopped working. I think its the problem with DownloadProvider.apk. I tried to replace that even but it broke my ROM.
  5. docmahe

    docmahe New Member

  6. Get_Droid

    Get_Droid New Member

    I have read your post:

    MOTOROLA QUENCH XT5 (502) - CyanogenMod Forum

    But can u please let me know or explain me that using the process of "rooting the device and flashing the custom rom's" only helps in just upgrading to a new version for the sake of the Android version number and the core basic functionality or do they really performs well as as if they were provided by the device manufacture out of the box - my main concern is flash player support in browser after Froyo(2.2) upgrade and also rest of the other functionalities of Froyo, specially in the case of Motorola XT502( I am planning to buy it and made my mind over LG optimus one). Your genuine advise really will help me alot here. Thanks a lot for the post earlier it was very knlowledgable;)
  7. docmahe

    docmahe New Member

    Dear Get_Droid,
    I don't think u'll be getting the functionalities of manufacturer rom with custom roms.
    Custom roms may be better than the stock roms or may have problems.
    I think Stock (manufacturer) roms go thru' a lot of testing by the company team before they release/load onto their devices, whereas the custom roms are developed/cooked by individuals, who don't have the luxury of a testing team (unlike manufacturers).
    Flashing custom roms is at one's own risk.
    So, if you are afraid or not ready for teh custom roms, I suggest, if I may, you to go for a mobile, whose manufacturer offers you future upgrades. In your case it is LG Optimus One.

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