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  1. nikotime

    nikotime New Member

    Hi there, according to the orange website I am due an upgrade (contract ends on 09/06/2012) and was wondering whether I can get an upgrade through Carphone Warehouse online? I'm looking at the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S which isn't available on the Orange website and CW seem to be doing a deal for

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I was in a similar position, I wanted the Galaxy Nexus, but Orange don't appear to be stocking it directly. I couldn't get a straight answer from either of the CPW shops I visited, but what I did gather is that they can process the upgrade for you, but you lose any Orange benefits/discounts you've accrued.

    You might want to hold off for a bit, because it looks as though Orange are releasing some new handsets soon (The HTC One range at least), meaning their older ones will (hopefully) come down in price.

    I was due an upgrade in January, but my contract finishes in April and I'm glad I held off as it looks as though they'll be releasing the One X! :)
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  3. nikotime

    nikotime New Member

    Ended up making the plunge and opted for the new Sony Xperia S through CW, it was only an additional
  4. balders

    balders Well-Known Member

    Call CW or P4U to upgrade, you can haggle a better deal.

    Its still 100% an orange contract keeping your old magic numbers and phone number. You still call oj customer service (150) from your phone and are treated the same.

    Only difference is you get a phone with out all the orange crap on that receives timely updates that don't come through oj.
  5. Ian Harding

    Ian Harding Member

    I did the upgrade through CPW's website recently. Wanted to do it solely online to get cashback from Quidco. It's not a well laid out process because it looks just like a new contract purchase with no mention of upgrade, but if you go through to the end and checkout they will call you later in the day to confirm the upgrade.

    Don't get concerned like me and call them after completing the online process because you still don't know it's been processed as an upgrade from the confirmation page and email. Salesman lied and told me he couldn't find the order in the system, so set up a new one on the phone so he could get the commission instead of me getting cashback. Only found out later on when I was called about the original order, which the first man had cancelled and replaced with his new one.

    I could have cancelled the whole thing and started again at that point, but couldn't face it!


  6. marcowil

    marcowil Member

    I did my upgrade through CPW instead of direct with Orange and it all went very smoothly

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