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  1. Rayk1080

    Rayk1080 Member

    Hey, InfUsers!!! :)
    I just rooted using SuperOneClick v 1.6.5 because the later versions, when attempted, gave me error messages and this seemingly ancient one was successful.
    Anyway, the main reason I rooted was so that I could upgrade the OS to Gingerbread or higher. I gave up waiting on AT&T to officially release Gingerbread and I'm looking for a specific way to get a "leaked version," not just info on the wild-goose chase that is waiting for AT&T...
    I've searched through many posts in this lovely forum and have gotten lost many times along the way, as most of what I found in my hours of searching has been merely news updates...
    Can someone please direct me to a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade my OS on my now rooted Samsung Infuse? Thanks! :D

  2. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member


    Your one stop shop for everything infuse 4G. You can get leaks, ports, or infuse based roms.
  3. Rayk1080

    Rayk1080 Member

    XDA is VERRRRRRRY helpful
    I'm now successfully rooted running MIUI Gingerbread 2.3.7
    Had some problems along the way, but I think I'm good.
    Will be searching the forums to see what else I can do with this root and sweeeet ROM :)
  4. jrhodes89

    jrhodes89 Member

    GB was nice but i just uped up to android 4.0 ics framework miui 2.11.26 and i love it, its very fast and no hitches that ive noticed.
  5. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    For you guys on GB and ICS ROMs, any glitches or things not working? I've heard of various issues with Bluetooth, GPS, and synching.
  6. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    I was on the latest Infused ROM (GB based) and it was great.

    The only issue I experienced was it rendered half of my .avi / .mp4 videos unplayable. They played fine on stock and once again (I'm back on stock) they play fine. For some reason, going to Infused turns half of them bad.
  7. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    Thanx for the feedback, and that is odd. Have you checked for a common denominator, like only certain bit rate recordings?
  8. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    I did, and it was totally random. It literally took out a random half of all the video files I had (and I have lots and lots of HD music videos on my phone because I'm a dancer and constantly watch choreography), and I couldn't figure out what the videos that went bad had in common.

    There were a few other bugs on the ROM, but nothing that was substantial. The native music player app would sometimes cop out on me and force close by itself, but that didn't happen too often.

    The main reason I ended up reverting to stock though was while I was enjoying the benefits of the ROM, any bug/issue I ran into I would constantly have to wonder if that was because of the ROM or if it was the phone. Being OCD, this drove me crazy and I had to revert haha.

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