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Upgrading the SD card interaction with MuveGeneral

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  1. gelige

    gelige Well-Known Member

    I don't use Muve, don't think I ever will. Still not sure if I should delete it, so I want to ask what will happen with Muve if I upgrade my SD card to a 32G.

    This thread in the Admire forum gives some background, but doesn't answer.

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  2. caseyjp11

    caseyjp11 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if you leave the application installed, but I rooted, and used Titanium to remove muve on mine. Put an 8gig sd in and no issues. The stupid muve sd card is hard partitioned and encrypted so you lose 3 gig...and unless you're a propeller head of the nth degree, you can't undo it.
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  3. enticer

    enticer Member

    Out of curiosity......how did the larger Micro SD card work out? A non-computer friend of mine wants a larger card due to her always getting "not enough store" on her phone. And is there a limit to the size of card a Vitality can take?
  4. caseyjp11

    caseyjp11 Well-Known Member

    The larger card works just fine. You CAN have up to 32gig on the external.

    The "not enough storage" issue isn't usually due to the external card...that is due to the ridiculously small ram size the phone has. Some apps won't install at all because of this unless you use a utility such as link2sd or force the app to the sd card.

    I personally partition mine into a primary and secondary so that link2sd works better. Without that a lot of apps won't "fit" due to the Vitality's internal inadequacies (not 'nuff ram).

    Sometimes installation will STILL bitch about not enough storage, and this is almost due to stuff left over after installs and such. I use Autokiller and SDMaid to make sure the phone is as clean as possible before installing from the play store.
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  5. nc10t

    nc10t Member

    64GB cards are formatted in exFAT Android cannot read. Plug the new card into a PC and reformat the card to NTFS, unless you use Apples that won't write NTFS. You can also repartition the card into two 32GB drives and use old FAT32 for Apples, but NTFS is better because it will store over 4GB files.

    Try it....NTFS gives me 59GB of storage on my Acer A500....:D

    Oops...NTFS only works on ICS 4.0 and up...
  6. enticer

    enticer Member

    She/We decided to order a 16 GB to see what it does. Most likely could doa 60/40 partition.

    gelige, sorry for jackin the thread

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