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  1. opteron

    opteron New Member

    I just want to thank Matlock for his great help in upgrading the Eris to 2.1. It went flawlessly and everything seems to work. I just did it Sunday so I have not tried a lot of the applications, but I don't use many. The one I really wanted was not available to 1.5 users and now it downloaded perfectly. Great work.

  2. wernox

    wernox New Member

    I just ran the update simply by copying the PB00IMG file to the root of the sd card and booting with the power and volume up key combo.

    After that it was just a matter of following the prompts. Everything is working great.

    Everyone is saying to wipe the phone first, what are the risks in that? What is the purpose of *228 post upgrade?
  3. Pitamakan

    Pitamakan Well-Known Member

    There's really no need to wipe the phone before doing this, at all ... just make sure you've backed up anything you want to save!
  4. drewcam

    drewcam Member

    Tried using Sprite Mechanic to restore the backup, didn't work. Oh well, programs where still there, just had to re-install em by hand. Thanks to everyone who put their work into this!
  5. cebrew

    cebrew Member

    Yes, many thanks. 2.1 rocks, except for the Navigation feature. Everything else is good. Wish I had taken the leap sooner.
  6. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    A friend was just over this afternoon showing me his leaked Eris he did last night. He did not even know about the cleaning off the sd card step, and went ahead with a successful install of 2.1.

    He is quite happy with it, talking only about one issue with the browser that seems to have gone away following a battery pull.

    I must say his looks like a totally different Eris than mine (I am running 1.5, waiting for the OTA.. stop snarling at me! :D).
  7. badfrog

    badfrog Well-Known Member

    i didn't have to do anything with my SD card .. didn't have to wipe it or anything, had no issues
  8. psuhas

    psuhas New Member

    2 Questions:

    1. Can I do this if I have old non-rooted leak?
    2. Is this a Rooted 2.1 version?

    Thanks for all your help.
  9. MikeAg

    MikeAg New Member

    Does Bluetooth DUN now work?

    If so, what do you think (fast, slow, problems)?

  10. jaym

    jaym Member

    Got it installed a few minutes ago. Thanks for the write-up.
  11. Romparoo

    Romparoo Well-Known Member

    After I download the file it will not open, says it is "invalid or corrupted". ???

    I have done it twice now.
  12. Romparoo

    Romparoo Well-Known Member

    Well, just got it installed....playing with it now. I am sure it will take me a few days to get use to it :)
  13. xjken

    xjken Active Member

    Is this the newest leaked version? I have the first leak of 2.1 and want to get the latest leak. Please let me know. Many thanks!

    I can't wait any longer for the OTA.
  14. flightmed

    flightmed Member

    Just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the simple instructions. Been waiting for weeks to do this and finally decided to go for it. Your instructions made it easy and painless.
  15. terigox

    terigox Active Member

    I'm thinking of doing this now (finally) too :)

    I didn't see anything about this, but does anyone have any idea of what will happen when the official OTA update comes out to these phones?
  16. John58543

    John58543 Well-Known Member

    Well most likely the OTA will update our phones. But if for some reason it doesn't then we will just have to wait for someone to post it for download just like you downloaded the 2.1 leak. You would just have to manually install the update versus OTA.

    Make sense?
  17. jarek_21

    jarek_21 Member

    I've tried several times doing exactly how the instructions state, and it hasn't worked for me? I kinda gave up. But would love to try again.
  18. ahhhh

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  19. Flickted

    Flickted Member

    Just jumped the blackberry boat and joined the ranks of many. played with phone at work for a few and came home and took the 2.1 plunge all looks well. Many thanks for this great tutorial!
  20. My craving for an Eclair has been filled, finally. Thanks, Queen of the Damned and Matlock. You were both a big help. Hopefully we all don't regret updating this in the future. Fingers crossed lol
  21. Bluemumba

    Bluemumba Well-Known Member

    ok so the tutoral looks amazing I finally feel ready to take the dive into 2.1v2. but one last thing before i dive in.
    IS there a way beside astro/ backup app, google backup, or htc sync that I can backup my contacts to my sd card. If there is then how can I put them back on to the phone.
  22. ericDylan

    ericDylan Well-Known Member

    it is rebooting after the update right now ... (btw i scanned the file (after i put it on my phone lol but w/e i was curious) and there was nothing detected ... i used avira)... hope the dialer lag was fixed
  23. sabakawasaki

    sabakawasaki Active Member

    Just wanted to give a blanket thanks to all the people out there that posted tips, tricks, faqs, and insight into the whole 2.1 process. I have finally updated to the v2 version and I'm loving it. It is everything I wanted (for the most part)and all of you helped me to get to where I needed to be to do the upgrade. Thanks again.
    BTW, I promise not to leave the forums now that I have what I want, you all entertain me more than most of my friends. Keep up the good work.
  24. mattsn0w

    mattsn0w New Member

    followed instructions in first post and works great! no issues with reception in santa cruz(certain areas suck regardless). Phone seems a little bit snappier but nothing like the moto droid.

    Thank you to everyone who blazed the trail for getting 2.1 on the eris! Thank you to the HTC person(s) for the VZW leak. Verizon should have been pushing this but are the suck when it comes to updates.

    For those concerned with future updates, i'm sure someone will figure a way to get the official update once it's available. the boot loader is still there and the platform is open and well documented. :)

    Thanks again android community!!
  25. Rick2179

    Rick2179 Well-Known Member

    could someone point me in the direction of the latest 2.1 ver leak? I update a week or so ago from the instructions here, but have the .2 version instead of the .4

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