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Upgrading to $55 Plan QuestionGeneral

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  1. Jenna_Lenna

    Jenna_Lenna Active Member

    Hey everyone,

    I'm hoping someone could enlighten me to this question about upgrading plans. I currently have the $50 LTE Plan with a billing cycle that resets on the 30th of each month. So I paid for it about a week ago. Now I'm thinking about changing to the $55 Unlimited 4g Promo plan they currently have. If I do this now through the website, am I going to be assessed fee's for this or pay a difference ($5 perhaps?) or will the new $55 rate and plan begin on the 30th when my bill is due?

    Also, does anyone know how slow the data speeds are if one goes over the 2.5gb allotment? Are they unbearably slow or decent enough for pandora streaming, maybe some youtube videos, and general web browsing?

    Thanks for any help guys!

  2. trigger1074

    trigger1074 Well-Known Member

    You would pay 10$ on next bill. 5 for this 30 cycle and 5$ for the next. And on your current plan it would throttle back to 1x speeds. So not as ideal for streaming. Honestly I would lock myself into the unlimited plan if I were you. You would be getting the exact plan you have now, plus unlimited data (no caps or throttles) for 5$ more
  3. Jenna_Lenna

    Jenna_Lenna Active Member

    So I tried changing my plan through the website and it said my next monthly bill will be $108... wow where did that number come from, is that really what it would be? It seems as if its charging me double. Think it will adjust itself? I'll probably go into a metro store and do it there just to be safe..
  4. johnnyolivares

    johnnyolivares Well-Known Member

    I seem to recall my sister being in a similar situation, changing her plan, and she received a text and it had a similar amount. But it did adjust later.
  5. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    Same thing happened to me. I did an online chat with a metro rep and they took care of everything easy. My upcoming bill is $50 and my next bill will be $55.

    Granted this was a day after my anniversary date.
  6. ChristTheSon

    ChristTheSon Well-Known Member

    Metro got me...i upgraded to this plan with my wife and your new bill is 133!

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