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Upgrading VS rooting?

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  1. roc045

    roc045 Member

    I bought the Gtablet for my son, I thought he could find more apps then on the Ipad. Unfortunatley 75% of the app games he loads won't work. According to viewsonic they are not compatable with tablets. They suggested to reroot the tablet so I can go to any android market and download compatiable tablet apps. Of course I have to send my tablet to them and a check for a $95.00 in order for them to root it professionaly. According to your article on this forum, I shouldn't reroot this tablet, is there a way to upgrade to HC iand download apps from any android market that are compatiable with the Gtablet. If so where I can I find this information. Thanks for your help!

  2. manesag

    manesag Well-Known Member

    You should look at vegan tab it runs very nice and all the apps run. Then when ics comes out flash that
  3. AtlanticPirate

    AtlanticPirate New Member

    I never rooted anything until I got my GTablet last year. After being scared by the tech talk that went way over my head on most forums, I did a search on viewsonic for dummies. There are a couple of websites that will talk you through the process in a very easy to follow manner. I tried CM7 as my first rooted rom, and I'm now running GTabComb3.3 with the Ice Cream Sandwich app market. I suggest you give it a try...if I can do it, anyone can do it! I don't think I can mention websites here, but if you want a couple of recommendations, let me know. Good luck!

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