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  1. geoffsweb

    geoffsweb Active Member

    Has anyone figured out how to upload a video from the Droid to Facebook? I downloaded the Ustream Broadcast app. It says it can upload directly to Facebook, but when I went on their site to configure my settings, the Facebook link had a javascript error in IE, so I tried Firefox, but that didn't work either. Capturing the video with Ustream worked nice and had the option to upload to Facebook, but I just couldn't get it to work.

  2. MarvinAndroid

    MarvinAndroid Well-Known Member

    I use Qik to upload videos to Facebook and Youtube. I have it setup so that every time I record a video it is automatically uploaded to both sites. You just have to add your account information to the application for each service then for Facebook you have to browse to the site on your PC and allow Qik to have access to Facebook. It's a cool little app.. as you are recording somebody can go to your Qik webpage and actually see your video streaming live. It pretty much turns your phone into a mobile webcam with recording functionality.
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  3. Wakey

    Wakey Well-Known Member

    Have you tried the email feature?

    That's how I UL my photos because when you use the FB app it resizes them to thumbnails.
  4. geoffsweb

    geoffsweb Active Member

    Thanks I got it to work. In the end the problem was that I was doing this from work and Facebook is blocked here, so that's why it was failing.
  5. davidhere40

    davidhere40 New Member

    I tried Qik, Ustream, Bloo. None of them work! GRRRRRRRRRR. Bloo was the only one that actually allowed me to upload videos that I had already recorded with the droid's built in camcorder. But at the end of an upload it just says "An error occurred while processing your request". Even for relatively small videos. I'm using the beta version, but I don't want to pay for the real version because if the beta doesn't even work, why would the regular one.

    Has anyone been able to upload videos without using the email feature, which I haven't tried because it limits the size. Videos easily get over 20MBs.
  6. johnnybirdman

    johnnybirdman Well-Known Member

    I went 'around the horn' so to speak and used youtube which is tied to my facebook profile. When I upload to youtube it automagically would hit my facebook page. Although that got kind of annoying so now I just upload to youtube, then past the link to facebook.
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  7. jjj0923

    jjj0923 New Member

    I recently purchased an HTC Evo and my wife also purchased an Android phone. We were both disappointed to find we could not upload videos to facebook.

    I've been a Java programmers for nearly 20 years so last month I started writing my own application to integrate with the menus on the phone to allow uploading of video to facebook.

    Thus far I've invested about 150 hours in the code and estimate another 100 or so of development and testing before the appl is complete.

    Unless someone has figured out an easy way to upload videos to facebook, I plan on selling the app for .99 or $1.99 when it's complete. It will require 2.1 or higher when completed.
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  8. godjwood

    godjwood New Member

    I tried using Qik, it works, but it uploads in pretty poor quality!
  9. thaDroidz

    thaDroidz Well-Known Member

    I use bff photo-facebook...free market

    I use it to upload HQ vidz.
  10. Chuck1906

    Chuck1906 Well-Known Member

    I have been using Qik since December 09 and I loved it at first but like many of you stated, the quality is less than desired! It looks awesome while your recording then you watch the video back on facebook and it looks like pure crap! I have the Ustream app but haven't tried it yet and another one I have but haven't tried and you all might want to give it a shot as well is Justin.tv. Like with the other apps, you need to create an account first then you can share your video to facebook or whatever. If anyone knows of a GOOD app that is CLEAN from recording to playback on the web, I would like to know what that is.

    Another thing I hate with Qik is that it takes forever to upload a short little 1 minute or so video. I recorded a video the other day that was about 1:56 and it only uploaded 4 seconds of the video! It used to work great this time last year though. I have my Qik settings set to High quality so that may be why the upload is slow but you would think the quality would be better but it looks just like Low once its uploaded!! SMH!!! LOL!
  11. Chuck1906

    Chuck1906 Well-Known Member

    I am gonna give this a shot...I am gonna get the PRO version though and see if the quality is better than the apps Ive tried already.
  12. gt436

    gt436 New Member

  13. Carnivex

    Carnivex Member

    For me youtube or QiK wont work. At least not in the sense of what I want to achieve. Please take a look at the following image:

    When I use youtube it will look like #2, and thats the exactly same way it will look if I will use QiK. AND I DON'T want that caues I think it looks like shit.

    What I want is option #1, when I upload videos. But is that just plain impossible?, I mean without emailing videos to facebook. Whats so bloody hard with simply allowing the Android App to upload movies as well >_<. I mean come on FaceBook.
  14. andynicholson

    andynicholson New Member

    You can upload to Facebook , Youtube, videobin.org, and FTP using this application - http://vidiom.mobi/
  15. Carnivex

    Carnivex Member

    Doesn't work. It won't upload movies I already recorded, which is what I want and is looking for. I don't need an app that can record and then upload to facebook. I just want something that works, and can uploaded allready recorded movies so that they appear as on my image.

    Thank you.
  16. andynicholson

    andynicholson New Member

    I just uploaded version 0.6.7 which can import MP4/3GP files from the sdcard (from the inbuild video camera, or other app) into the gallery, and from their you can upload to Facebook.

    Let me know any issues, feedback or more features.

    Andy Nicholson
  17. Sylviasun

    Sylviasun New Member

    I had same problem and I was very upset about that. I accidentlly find the App: Video to Facebook, it is free. I just downloaded the app and uploaded 2 videos to my FB, it works great! so happy now! :)))
  18. alienware72

    alienware72 New Member

    you can get video to facebook from market... you will be uploading videos...if you have evo turn 4g so it can upload faster.. or turn wifi... good luck..
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  19. mikebee

    mikebee New Member

    Thanks Alienware works great!!!
  20. misterzero

    misterzero Member

    just another droid "problem"......ugh, not happy with my unincredible at all....
  21. bigshotproducer

    bigshotproducer Well-Known Member

  22. Soccertrash

    Soccertrash New Member

    Another possibility is the App VideoUploaDroid Free (or Pro). You can share your video directly from the Gallery to Facebook
  23. gretchenh4370

    gretchenh4370 New Member

    Hello all... I too was very frustrated by not being able to upload video :mad: especially since uploading pictures was so dang easy! :D However, I found a free application that I installed, chose a video to upload, and was finished within 10 minutes. :eek: It let me choose my privacy settings and everything!:):):) TRY IT!!! I went to the droid market and typed in VIDEO TO FACEBOOK. Enjoy!;):p
  24. roofels

    roofels New Member

    I downloaded and installed Video to Facebook app, but uninstalled it right a way:
    1) During installation it asked for full permission to "caller info". Why would they need that? Is this how phone lists get put together and sold???

    2) Due to #1 above, I read all the T&Cs before running the application - and nothing was mentioned about the necessary access to the incoming call info

    3) But the Ts & Cs did have a clause to say that for any videos you upload via the app, you relinquish rights to both the app and all affiliates of the app for duplication, distribution, use, you name it! This I did not like a bit! :mad:

    So think whether you are OK with this before you use this app.
  25. hefen1124

    hefen1124 Member

    There is an app call FBLoader in the market that can upload and download multiple photos/videos easily.
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