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Uploading for MTDEV - Some good sites

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  1. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    In my experience with uploading files to share with you guys (our testing ROMs, APKs, FAQs, etc.) I have noticed that certain sites like Dropbox tend to encourage personal use. That is, they seem to offer little bandwidth and little space, but incredible ease of use and good sync. However, knowing as our ROMs suck up space on such an account like no tomorrow, and I'd rather have my Dropbox for keeping personal photos in sync, I prefer to use the following services. I am by no means saying the alternatives are crap. Every piece of technology specializes differently. NOTE: I am by no means advertising or guaranteeing these will work for you. I am not BY ANY MEANS advocating you use these services for copyright infringement. That is a big no-no! It is also outlawed in their TOS. Now with the compulsory warning out of the way, let's get down to business! I find Mediafire and MEGA (MEGA just came out) to be the best for uploading large files. They offer more space and bandwidth and work most excellently for sharing MTDEV stuff. I believe Mediafire gives you 25GB and MEGA 50GB. I was thrilled to just discover another service with 50GB of space! I figured I'd tell you guys that may be a good place to upload ROMs to in case you are running out of space. In my experience, MediaFire doesn't always want to load for some reason. MEGA itself is still in beta. And besides the "Get Google Chrome" spam (I already have Chrome but I prefer Firefox, this is non-negotiable) :D MEGA seems to be working. MEGA is also encrypted and uses new security. Mediafire has a desktop client for Windows, Mac, & Linux. Take your pick guys for what you find useful for uploading. I just am attracted to free space for MTDEV and our projects. We really could use it!

  2. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Nice find. Especially as Megauploads was shutdown by the FBI. Mediafire can be flakey at times, but I have never had it just not work. Of course g60 set up the MTDEV site to host off of. That's where most of our ROMs are now. And he gave me access so I could upload. I find my dropbox account good for my posted images. I have local access, as well as cloud storage. It works for me.

    I might be rambling as I am tired. Many things to do along with deadlines and a draw to play with code (work! dog gone it).
  3. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    MEGA may seem like it would be an issue to even mention here, but it had a DMCA policy. I personally believe the DMCA is an overkill that gives Hollywood monopoly power, but I follow the law. They have a copyright policy. The story behind Kim Dotcom is quite interesting also.

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