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  1. Mariposas_Moment

    Mariposas_Moment New Member

    I have a Samsung Moment & I do have the new upgrade on it. My question is that recently since I have upgraded I've been having issues with loading my pictures to Facebook. It seems it wants to "hang" in loading status at 0% or sometimes will only go to like 18% and stay there. I have to power off & on to stop it and retry. And *if* the picture does load it takes FOREVER to. Before it would just fly right through uploading. Sometimes it literally takes HOURS before it will load. I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling the Facebook app too. :confused:
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

  2. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Could be the network signal - maybe it's not as consistent / strong... may have nothing to do with Android / Facebook.
  3. kbrn

    kbrn Well-Known Member

    I second the above comment
  4. pattonthegen

    pattonthegen Well-Known Member

    I do not even use the facebook app to upload pictures ((face book app sucks for the most part))

    When i want to upload a picture from my phone to facebook i slect share, then select photo & video places (( which comes installed on the moment)) then select facbook (which you will have to add the very 1st time, but after that you will always be able to select facebook or any other place you added to photo & video places), and it will upload the picutre to facebook, and do it fast.

    Hope that helps
  5. shadoe973

    shadoe973 New Member

    I also have a samsung moment..and everysite I try to upload a photo of any kind...it says upload disable..why? And how can I change it to enable?
  6. Sena1234

    Sena1234 New Member

    If you want to upload pictures, try this alternative.
    Go to messages. click compose message.
    In the add recipients type your own fb name. It's like messaging yourself.
    upload your pictures from you mobile and send it.
    See if it works
    I've done that myself..

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