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  1. jacket24

    jacket24 New Member

    I have pictures on my computer that i wish to transfer on to my phone, but i don't have a clue on how to do it.

  2. Munhoz

    Munhoz Member

    Hello there, my friend!

    Here's what you gonna do: connect the USB cable (should've come with the phone when you bought it) to the i1, and then plug it in the computer where the pictures are.
    It will recognize the SD card. Go to My Computer -> SD Card. You should see some folders problably. One of them will be named "DCIM". Under this one, a folder named "Camera" should exist. Copy the pictures to this folder, and disconnect the phone from the computer. That should do it. Good luck!

    Let me know if this helped you.


  3. Mike525

    Mike525 Well-Known Member

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