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Upper half of the screen heats upSupport

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  1. kimpineda

    kimpineda New Member

    Hi guys I need a little help and feedback.

    I just got my GN2 and it seems the upper half of the screen heats up pretty quickly. I used it in around 90* F or around 30* C environment. If I use it in an air conditioned room, it doesn't heat up. Is this natural or is this a factory defect?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you! :)

  2. PetiePal

    PetiePal Well-Known Member

    It's normal. Do a google search for Galaxy Note 2 radios and look at where they're located. When you're syncing data or using data intensive apps your radios will warm up. It's normal!
  3. abdo9119

    abdo9119 Member

    I have the same issue and I will go to the samsung technical center to evaluate this problem, I will inform you about the result :confused:
  4. abdo9119

    abdo9119 Member

    what you mean by "radios" ?????
  5. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    Guess you can consider them 'antennas' broadcasting waves/frequencies used to connect your GN2 to the world. ;)
  6. R4nd0mJ0k3r

    R4nd0mJ0k3r Well-Known Member

    I also experience this, only really when playing games on the phone that are graphics intensive. I'm guessing the GPU is located up there also...?
  7. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    It's probably the frequency (radio) most cellular phones use is incredibly close to microwaves. =)

    -Sent using the force
  8. BufordTJustice

    BufordTJustice Well-Known Member

    all phones do that, the Phones Processors and antennas and what not are up there. A byproduct of allthat electricity being used is heat. That's why laptops and desktops have fans, you do something on your computer that makes it think hard and the fans turn on.
    You do something on your phone that makes it think hard and it gets warm or even hot.

    It's not bad for your phone and it doesn't mean anything is wrong. It's only bad if it's ALWAYS super warm, that means your phone probably has some app going nuts in the background using up all your battery.

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